Hij geeft niks weer

| date: 20 November 2000

to be spontaneous or not to be spontaneous

Cooking concert

| date: 26 January 2000

The sounds of the food preparation were captured and amplified. Cooks and musicians were performing on the same stage. The audience was served a noisy meal in 8 courses. Audio sampling by Imp Electronics for Defence (Jan Duivenvoorden) and SWM (Ivo van der Kaay)

Lola de Musica (1996)

| date: 5 February 1996

Unit ‘the band’ Moebius on VPRO television.

Iets Vrijers

| date: 14 March 1992

I have been trying to determine the exact date of this event. Some old squat newsletters mention a public protest and a band called Snakepiss, which recalled some vague memories of people making fun of this band’s name. I also remember having a winter depression, which fits the cloudy, rainy, miserable weather in the video. And I was playing the SH-101, dressed up as one of the Freddy Mercuries. Therefore, I declare this video to have probably been recorded on the 14th of march 1992 (by an unknown cameraman / woman).

part 1:

part 2:

In the process,  I stumbled upon a seemingly well organised collection of data about the dutch squat & activist movement. Guess who’s nephew is the curator of this archive ?

Karolientje Zonder Benen

| date: 30 May 1989

Leuk en Ko are honest about love

Niemand Is Perfect

| date: 30 May 1989

Leuk en Ko are sensitive

Twee Tieten

| date: 30 May 1989

Leuk en Ko playing the humorous song “Twee Tieten” in Palenstein, Zoetermeer.

De Postbarok Islam

| date: 30 May 1989

Leuk en Ko playing “De Postbarok Islam” in Palenstein, Zoetermeer

Het Hoedje

| date: 30 May 1989

Writing song lyrics is not difficult.


| date: 30 May 1989

Leuk en Ko playing “Truus” in Palenstein, Zoetermeer


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