| date: 22 May 2014


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| date: 19 December 2013


Jan Duivenvoorden, predvodnik Unit Moebusa, kumova haške elektronske glazbe, ponos techna u Nizozemskoj, dolazi s namjerom da baci u trans sve one željne izvanrednog live performansa, profinjenih tonova, te izuzetnih kompozicija.

Član nekadašnjih aseva Bunker recordsa, 2007. oživio je Unit Moebius i dodao nastavak Anonymous.

Solo izvodi čuda po klubovima diljem planete i rastura ekipu s nevjerojatnim spojem nekadašnjeg Unit Moebius zvuka u modernijem aranžmanu i svježim stilovima. Aphex Twin kao jedan od deklariranih fanova, upravo kao i mi, ne može odoljeti Janovom zvuku.

Definitivna, obavezna, melodična lektira svakog pravog obožavatelja elektronske glazbe!

see facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/226623450839874/?fref=ts


Dancing And Painting 10

| date: 6 December 2013

Marie-Claire van der Heijden dances and paints on inspirational music by Unit Moebius Anonymous

Phuture West Bookings

| date: 28 September 2013

phuture west bookings

Book Unit Moebius Anonymous @ Phuture West Bookings:


Genius By Default IV

| date: 21 September 2013

Unit Moebius live in Eindhoven, recorded and piblished on Mixcloud

Unit Moebius live @ Adapter presents Genius By Default IV [25052013, Effenaar, NL] by Adapter on Mixcloud

Survival Special

| date: 27 June 2013


A dark night full of swingin’ sinister electronics from The Hague’s Bunker records, ranging from black ambient, ghetto trax and industrial techno to ‘ku crudo’, ’80’s acid house and electro-hip-hop, i.e. ‘to all the ladies with the big ol’ ass’…
a.o. LIVE: ELEC PT.1 (macabre acidic techno from Cologne), UNIT MOEBIUS, SHITCLUSTER (slow brown house from The Hague), HELLBOII (psycho-tek from Bruxelles), DJ’S SCHMERZLABOR, TORQUEMADA, THE GET IT BOYZ feat. DJ TECHNICIAN and OVERDOSE (old-skool Miami bass), more names will follow ASAP!


Das Experiment

| date: 7 June 2013

(Video by Anthony)


A night of oldschool acidtekno mayhem + lots of smoke and strobes! Party like it’s 1997!


— Light Speed Drivers — (LIVE – Unit Moebius vs Blaze)

Jan Duivenvoorde (Unit Moebius) and Blaze were well known for their psychedelic records in the 90’s, not to mention the ground breaking impact Jan had with Unit Moebius on the international techno/detroit scene. The Light Speed Drivers project with Blaze geared more towards the faster psychedelic sound played at the Mononom raves back in the days. We were more then delighted to hear of Jans solo project reboot (Unit Moebius Anonymous), and became ecstatic when we heard he was once again making music with Blaze. Expect the unexpected!!

— Stefan ZMK — (DJ set)

This enfant terrible of the dutch tekno scene has been around for ages and is well known for his part in ZMK soundsystem, which took origin in the aftermath of the late nineties. Also his step towards producing has not been uneventful with releases on (amongst others) Mackitek and Obs.Cur. Being the walking talking musical encyclopedia we asked him to prepare a mind bending set consisting of records you would hear back when we were still making our ways to parties by train and foot, and staying at a party until the generator could handle no more!

What’s that… You missed it in the 90’s? Don’t worry, you’ll love it today!

— Chris AA — (DJ set)

Another veteran in desperate need of a reboot! Having played all over Europe with AA (Acid Anonymous) soundsystem his sound is well known to the ravers of the late 90’s. His acid sets were among the finest back then and we dare say he has some special tricks up his sleeve for you this night! One not to be missed!

— Sifres b2b DeeKaa — (DJ set)

When PDK soundsystem started to give their first parties in muddy fields they came across two homeless tekno veterans. Being open to all influences they asked them to dust off their old records and play an acid set. This turned into a 5 hour dancing mayhem and in the mud an alliance was formed between them and PDK soundsystem to make booty’s shake to both old and new tunes, eventually leading up to Sifres’s 7 record streak in the last two years. This night we would like to share with you a glimpse what happened on that muddy field in 2010. Rain boots advised!

*** Location***
Skatepark Sweatshop
Bnckhorstlaan 271
Den Haag

Come before 0:30 = 5 euro at the door
Come after 0:30 = 7,50 at the door

***MAX CAPACITY 400ppl!! ***
We are seriously considering a presale in case things are likely to become busy this night, so please let us know on the event if you are attending. This way we can arrange something and you wont be left out on the streets while your friends party the night away 10m from your location! We will start this up if more then 300 ppl are attending on the facebook event.

Visit the facebook event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/483321728402718/?ref=ts&fref=ts


| date: 23 May 2013

This saturday, Unit Moebius live in Eindhoven (NL)


Line up:

Bunker Records – Acid Planet – Network23

Bunker Records – Astract Acid – Snuff Trax

EKMAN (live)
Bunker Records – Abstract Forms – Solar One Music

Supporting Djs: Futu Refine & Bronxtel Acid Brew

Visuals by: Pixybox Visual Projects & Sjush

Date: 25-05-2013
Time:23:00 – 04:00
Place: Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)
Fee: €6 (tickets available at www.effenaar.nl)


Beats, basslines, strobe’s and smoke!

The Adapter collective celebrates for the fourth time the infamous Roland Tb-303. This little silver bass machine created a sonic revolution in the late 80´s that reshaped electronic music for years to come. The Genius By Default concept celebrates those pioneering days by inviting artists and djs famous for their acid sounds. 

Previous editions had guest performances by Somatic Responses, DMDN, Penik Ettek, Rude 66, Mike Dred, Ceephax Acid Crew and the 030303 djs.

For this fourth edition we turn to the legendary Bunker Records from The Hague. We are very proud to present a program comprised of artists who were there from the very beginning as well as some “new school” Bunker musicians.

Prepare for a journey into the underworld of electronic music. A rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the raw and distorted energy of menacing dark electro and sinister (Chicago-) acid house!


Bunker Records – Acid Planet – Network23

Since the early nineties, Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond. Often referred to as ”Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance”, Unit Moebius’ music is very diverse in style, but always rolling on a bad, sweaty groove with that typical, twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, covering all the bases from deep lo-fi acid house and rigid jack trax, to pounding dark industrial techno and mean minimalistic machine music. Originally a three member project, Jan Duivenvoorden composed most works and it is he who has recently started performing live again. The music can be best described as no-compromise and rudimentary; reflecting the cheap, rough and direct approach of The Hague’s do-it-yourself squat mentality of the nineties, as well as the autistic isolation and alienation of information-society’s social inepts.


Bunker Records – Abstract Acid – Snuff Trax

Andreas Gehm stands for the pure old school sound. Among his many project names (Elec Pt.1, The Minister, Manager 111, Trajical Bitch) he has been releasing for years on various internationally well known labels such as Mathematics Recordings (Chicago), Bunker Records, Creme Jak , Psycho Thrill (Cologne), Snuff Trax (Germany) ect. His tracks are in pure Jack tradition, sometimes harder and Acidic, sometimes deeper. The original Spirit is always given. 


EKMAN (live)
Bunker Records – Abstract Forms – Solar One Music

Ekman produces sharp, precise beats over dark trippy atmospheres creating a lattice of cold structured sound. Running the fine line between early Dutch/London acid house and the more ethereal electro. From funky, wonky and minimal suspense to eerie hard-pounding industrial machine music with ‘brain carpaccio’ guaranteed.


Hosts for the evening are djs Futu Refine and Bronxtel Acid Brew who will support these live performances with some harsh acid. 
“The Bronxtel Acid Brew isn’t fun or a hobby, it’s a necessity for the resilient freaks. As this is one of the few ways people cope with the though conditions of this godforsaken place.”

As usual PIXYBOX VISUAL PROJECTS this time in a special collab with VJ SJUSH will be responsible for the amazing video-mapping goings-on for this event.


| date: 24 April 2013

Unit Moebius live in Berlin (DE)



Red Ear

| date: 16 April 2013

Unit Moebius live in Rotterdam (NL)




Dé afterparty van Red Ear!

Van 19 t/m 21 april organiseren de Rotterdamse muziekpodia gezamenlijk RedEar, hét festival voor gedurfde muziek. RedEar wordt een driedaags muziekfestival met muziek voor nieuwsgierige oren en avontuurlijke geesten. Eigentijds, nieuw, maar ook met een aantal pioniers van weleer. Spannend, maar ook ontspannend. Soms simpel, soms moeilijk, maar gegarandeerd verrijkend.

Unit Moebius
Unit Moebius (Anonymous) brengt met zijn lo-fi tracks & low budgetinslag het echte DIY-gevoel over. Unit Moebius is met haar rauwe techno, wat soms voor een panisch en donker geluid zorgt, voor velen een groot voorbeeld geweest. Op een minimalistische manier zo complex mogelijk bezig zijn. Hij treedt hooguit maar drie of vier keer per jaar op, dus een kans om met beide handen aan te grijpen.

Lee Gamble
UK-producer en medeoprichter van CYRK.
Lee Gamble begon in zijn tiener jaren als dj op een piraten zender, gefocussed op de opkomende Jungle scene. Tegenwoordig gaat zijn muziek een meer experimentelere kant op.

Paul Du Lac
Rotterdamer, hoogstaande dansmuziek, met respect voor Chicago en Detrout, house-undeground, techno, deep, noem het wat je wil, dansen zul je zeker.


Collecteur and dj of grimey poonk-rawk electroniek & akoustiek weirdness from above and beyond since 1982.
Founding member of Sektor Soundsystem, Noiz’R’Us Soundsystem, VUIG!, Lowriders Collective, Honeypot Triangle and TRESPA Soundsystem.
Ex-dj/ visual artist of TdK Soundsystem.