| date: 12 April 2013

Remix made for Tasos, by Unit Moebius and Shitcluster.

L’estasi Dell’oro – Kingdom For A Kiss (Unit Moebius Anonymous Vs Shitcluster rmx) (BH 003)

Genius By Default

| date: 8 April 2013


Unit Moebius live in Eindhoven (NL)

Newcastle Upon Tyne

| date: 14 March 2013


Creme Organization & Bunker Records Blow Out: UNIT MOEBIUS, DJ TLR, MYRIADD SHEMALE & PERSEUS TRAXX Easter Sunday 31 March @ Star & Shadow Cinema


Quit the grinnin’ and drop that linen!

UNIT MOEBIUS LIVE (Bunker, Acidplanet, NL)
DJ TLR (Creme Organization, Bunker Records, NL)
MYRIADD (Mantra, Creme JAK, Bunker Records, UK)
SHEMALE (Bunker Records, UK)
PERSEUS TRAXX (Bunker Records, Creme Organization, M>O>S, UK)

Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
11pm – 4am

£8 before 12 
£9 after

No online tickets, just first come first serve. When it’s full it’s full.

Definitely a first for Newcastle maybe even mainland UK? Who knows and who cares? 

This gig brings together UK Bunker Heads Shemale and Perseus Traxx and Myriadd (Creme JAK, Signals) along with Global Darkness founder and Creme Organization head honcho DJ TLR plus a super rare performance from The Hague Techno Legends UNIT MOEBIUS!

What this may mean for some people as they stare through the mist at the shining trapezohedron and lone strobe-o-scope is beyond rational thought…….

For many in the North East of England it’ll be a special moment. As DJ TLR describes:

“In many ways Bunker is an affirmation of the nerd life, a self contained (and carefuly cultivated) end game of it’s serial monomaniac owner and creator Guy Tavares, who is, by his own admission, stuck forever alone at a high-school dance. Sprung from an environment that has largely been gentrified (The Hague) and a scene that is close to being wiped out (squatters dude!). Stark and slightly pompous in its vision, but never rigid and -godforbid- petty minded. It is also inclusive, welcomes the input of others and is quick to support upcoming artists. It doesn’t really matter who you are or what you credentials are, if you’ve got a story to tell, you can roll no problem, the music always comes first. And yes dammit, sometimes this platitude really is what it is! It makes Bunker Records one of the very few true DIY labels and absolutely unique in today’s music landscape: a Bullshit Detector for the noughties, a tiny giant hammering at the foundations of dance music’s Ego Cathedrals.”

Neuroshopper v1.1

| date: 22 February 2013


hey jan 🙂

i would like to buy the neuroshopper v1.0 cd. please send me deatil for the purchase. thank you



Sorry to keep you waiting for so long.
There are no more Neuroshopper Cd’s left. However, we are planning to store all our works on Currenly, we are experimenting with single albums and vinyl. The next step will be: organising al our works in big packages, for as cheap as possible. For example: all Unit Moebius releases on Bunker and Acid planet, for a couple of bucks. It will take a while, but we’re progressing rapidly now. I think we will call the site Neuroshoper V2.0, when it’s finished.



LSD 001

| date: 16 February 2013

Here’s LSD 001 (or CEL 001), a 1996 album, by jan and blaise:

Detailed information:

And last but not least, the Light Speed Drivers Facebook Page:


| date: 7 February 2013


Unit Moebius live in Gent (BE)

See facebook event page


Immortality Volume 1

| date: 7 February 2013

The Unit Moebius track ‘Bombe mit Bombe’ (see also: Sixth Reich/ Pax Amerikkana 12 inch) originally appeared on the Karlo K tribute CD ‘Immortality vol. 1 ‘, which was compiled by Anthony Blokdijk (Salò Mentale) and is now available on the Bandcamp page. Eventually, you might want to obtain one of the last (handpainted!) copies of the KK ’97 12 inch.



| date: 4 February 2013

SMVSUM ft. Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu – Coal Black Smith (Current 93 cover)

Dancing And Painting 03

| date: 4 February 2013


| date: 21 January 2013

it’s 14 parts and only 3 hours long.

#1: Journey / Impressions of Ruan Grupa / Jakarta traffic / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby @ Borneo Beer House / Main act with our video / Having a beer with El Nino
#2: Travelling to Bandung by bus / Impressions of Sanggar Olah Seni and surroundings
#3: Impressions of Prilla Tania’s home and paper cutting studio / soundcheck
#4: Spiritualized Mammals / Munthe versus The Babams
#5: Petrol / Wax & Wane / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby at Sanggar Olah Seni
#6: Journey to Jogjakarta by train / impressions of our guesthouse /visitng Arya and Sara’s home / first visit to Museum Dan Tanah Liat (MDTL) / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby (acoustic version with Arya Jalu) / journey from the Museum to our guesthouse on motorcycle
#7: Arya Jalu’s studio / Malaikat’s studio / first set up of the exhibition at MDTL / outside of Arya’s studio
#8: Rehearsal of Coal Black Smith (Current 93), featuring Sara Nuytemans on vocal and bass, Arya Jalu on guitar and Jan on drums!
#9: Rehearsal of I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby with Arya Jalu on guitar and Bodhonk on drums
#10: ZOO (excerpt) / The shortest Unit Moebius gig ever (at Jogja National Museum)
#11: Keraton Jogjakarta at night / first view of contributing Indonesian artworks for Exhibition II / visiting Indonesian Net Audio Festival (at Langgeng Art Foundation)
#12: Checking the exhibition / the rain / jam during the rain
#13: Speeches and concerts during the opening of “25 Years Stichting Maldoror” exhibition
#14: The last few days (MDTL, Keraton, Sundak Beach, Candi Plaosan)

full background story, read


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