| date: 3 April 1999

Light Speed Drivers, live in Limoges (04-04-1999)

This experimental music festival did not demand repetitive beats. Jan & Blaise’s improvised live set accidentally matched the veejay’s video backdrops: lots of whales and royalty free black and white vintage movies (probably Nosferatu). The audience was impressed, but it was honestly just a big coincidence. Synchronicity, or so they say.

The DAT recording was truncated to fit on a cassette.



| date: 14 March 1998

Playing live as Nimoy instead (not Unit Moebius, because the band had officially ceased to exist). Selling unlabeled audio cassettes at techno parties was a  common thing to do in the nineties. I had bought an ancient cassette copy machine to be able to deliver on demand. It took 3 minutes to complete a C60 copy, both sides at once. Ferro tapes survived the copy process more often, but sounded like mud through fog. Exactly enough tapes were sold to make up for train fares, beers and the price of the tape machine.

title: kets
who: vork (roland and jan)
what: gig rehearsal
where: at home
comments: it’s getting better on side B

download vork – kets mp3  (152.95 Mb)
(reupload to Bandcamp)

Inlay (fax copy):

Prozac Posse

| date: 13 September 1996


| date: 23 February 1996

Lola de Musica (1996)

| date: 5 February 1996

Unit ‘the band’ Moebius on VPRO television.

KK Records

| date: 1 January 1996

Here’s an official KK records promo flyer of Unit Moebius (‘the band’), somewhere around 1996. The compilation album ‘Status’ was released, followed by another compilation album “Work’ in 1997. Joining KK records had been a poverty driven decision and a predictable mistake: KK records promised lots but did not care for it’s artists.  Not willing to deliver an obligatory 3rd album, it seemed like a proper moment to end the Band. 


| date: 29 December 1995


| date: 28 December 1995

Rote Fabrik

| date: 22 November 1995


| date: 4 May 1995