| date: 3 May 2015

The Reverend Cor Gout (with Unit Moebius and Anthony Blokdijk): Poppelepee CD, Cunker Records 014 (Maldoror), 1996.


| date: 4 February 2013

SMVSUM ft. Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu – Coal Black Smith (Current 93 cover)


| date: 21 January 2013

it’s 14 parts and only 3 hours long.

#1: Journey / Impressions of Ruan Grupa / Jakarta traffic / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby @ Borneo Beer House / Main act with our video / Having a beer with El Nino
#2: Travelling to Bandung by bus / Impressions of Sanggar Olah Seni and surroundings
#3: Impressions of Prilla Tania’s home and paper cutting studio / soundcheck
#4: Spiritualized Mammals / Munthe versus The Babams
#5: Petrol / Wax & Wane / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby at Sanggar Olah Seni
#6: Journey to Jogjakarta by train / impressions of our guesthouse /visitng Arya and Sara’s home / first visit to Museum Dan Tanah Liat (MDTL) / I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby (acoustic version with Arya Jalu) / journey from the Museum to our guesthouse on motorcycle
#7: Arya Jalu’s studio / Malaikat’s studio / first set up of the exhibition at MDTL / outside of Arya’s studio
#8: Rehearsal of Coal Black Smith (Current 93), featuring Sara Nuytemans on vocal and bass, Arya Jalu on guitar and Jan on drums!
#9: Rehearsal of I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby with Arya Jalu on guitar and Bodhonk on drums
#10: ZOO (excerpt) / The shortest Unit Moebius gig ever (at Jogja National Museum)
#11: Keraton Jogjakarta at night / first view of contributing Indonesian artworks for Exhibition II / visiting Indonesian Net Audio Festival (at Langgeng Art Foundation)
#12: Checking the exhibition / the rain / jam during the rain
#13: Speeches and concerts during the opening of “25 Years Stichting Maldoror” exhibition
#14: The last few days (MDTL, Keraton, Sundak Beach, Candi Plaosan)

full background story, read https://smvsum.blogspot.nl/


| date: 27 October 2012

27 october 2012
Salò Mentale Solo versus Unit Moebius Anonymous playing 80ies covers in Shirley’s living room, Den Haag (NL)

More Dystopia

| date: 3 August 2012

Guy Tavares talking about himself, and about Dystopia (video on vice.com):

Salò Mentale versus Unit Moebius (SMVSUM) – De Logica van de Swastica (Kamagurka cover):

Salò Mentale versus Unit Moebius (with Nathalie Houtermans & Floris Duijvesteijn) live @ Dystopia:

Nukubus’ UM Megamix played at Dystopia:

20 Years of Acid Planet

| date: 6 July 2012

Featuring SMVSUM+. More info: facebook

Party Invitation

| date: 12 June 2012

Responsiple party invitation for the Robot Love Event on June 15, The Hague (NL)

Robot Love

| date: 28 May 2012

robot love

Dim’ Summer Partee!

with live: Pattern Cutoff, Lumachron, Salo Mentale vs. Unit Moebius & friends

feat. Installations, RoboBar, Radio Tonka, Visuals à l’avant.
doors:22:00, first act: 00:00

Haute Couture Dresscode: Robot or Bride!

EUR 5,- or come as Robot or Bride and get free entrance!

Pattern Cutoff:

Salo Mentale vs. Unit Moebius:



| date: 27 May 2012

SMVSUM playlist


| date: 13 April 2012

Second gig already.. Salò Mentale versus Unit Moebius’ eighties underground cover songs will start at 23 o’clock latest. Come see us, please be on time!


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