Tonka 20 jaar

| date: 13 October 2014



Radio Tonka bestaat 20 jaar en dat vieren we op vrijdag 17 en zaterdag 18 oktober in twee zalen in MaakHaven.

Het festival is gratis!

De ingang is aan de Calandkade 157 (langs het water).


Line-up zaterdag 18 oktober:

Unit Moebius [Unit Moebius]
Mono-Amine [Mono-Amine (official)]
Marky & Mace (pressure crew)
Cancerdogs [Star-kid/ Cancerdogs]
Klankman [Klankman]
Nektar [Nektar]
Fred D’agga [Dagga DAgga]
Howl Ensemble [The Howl Ensemble]
Foute Man
Willie Wonka All Stars
Frank E
The International Music Conspiracy
Prins Django
Numtek [Numtek]
Duistere Bardo [Duistere Bardo]
Supersonic Blues

lights, visuals and deco by:

Marco [Co2RO]



Voor vrijdag 17 oktober, zie:

Tonka 1993-1995

| date: 9 March 2012

Radio Tonka playlist: pirate radio (live-) music & talkshows from Den Haag, Netherlands 1993-1995. “Zo Is Het”, “Datacowboy 2000”, “All Night Long”, “Bellen maar”, “Megatop”, and more (Kokus & Konijnenoot!).

The programs were mostly pre-recorded at home, on audio cassette, which were then broadcast a couple of hours later at the pirate radio station. Initially, the station was just a transmitter and a cassette player. To avoid having to listen to our recordings, we decided to go ‘live’  by connecting a mixer and a microphone to the transmitter – most of these were never recorded.

Geradio Tonkium

| date: 1 June 2011

Sound: Geranium live on Radio Tonka (excerpt)
Images: Pisti’s feet, accidentally recorded (hi-8 video) – mixed with Winamp Milkdrop plugin edits, and some rockets

Tik Tak

| date: 25 April 2008

Tik Tak 10 in Casuariestraat 16, Den Haag (NL).  Shitcluster live electronics & DJ. Performance with giant robot hands trying to lift a glass of beer and a cigarette. Live broadcast on Radio Tonka and Loslaten Radio. Pictures by LNA

Huishoud Radio

| date: 31 January 2006

The first 18 minutes of a live performance by Lil blood ‘n Guts and Mucid Cuspidor at Radio Tonka’s broadcasting from De Huishoudschool, Den Haag (NL)

Blauwe Aanslag

| date: 3 October 2003

Eviction of the  Blauwe Aanslag building (‘Blue Attack’) in 2003. Pirate Radio Tonka broadcasting 24/7  from the inside. The squat was demolished immediately after everybody had left the building.

Video by Pierre Sondeijker:

Is it easier to destroy, than to create?

Check the current situation on google maps

Benefit party

| date: 24 May 2002

Radio Tonka Benefit Party at the Blauwe Aanslag, in Den Haag (NL)

Video: TMC posse (Toni Maldoror, Micha, Channa), Next to Nothing (Shitcluster: Charlie + Natasja), Deejay Blaise (Light Speed Drivers), drunks and punks.



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