| date: 19 August 2017


| date: 12 February 2011

Video CD compilation of exhibitions, performances, installations, movies, music and more, made in 2003.


| date: 30 May 2004

shitcluster videoclip project. album release party and video presentation @ vliegtoren, ypenburg

date: 30.05.2004

svp1 flyer

Shitcluster Feest omtrent de uitgave van de nieuwe Shitcluster elpee, tevens de afsluiting van het Shitcluster Video Clip Project: 5 videoclips door Natasja van Kampen, Pierre Sondeijker, Brechje van der Marel, Ton Schuttelaar, Wendy Murray en Arianne Olthaar & Marjolijn van der Meij. Optredens van Harry Merry en Jason Mangle.

party impressions:

video cd:

clip 1/7 by natasja van kampen:

clip 2/7 by charlie watkins:

clip 3/7 by pierre sondijker:

clip 4/7 by wendy murray:

clip 5/7 by ton schuttelaar:

clip 6/7 by arianne olthaar, marjolijn van der meij:

clip 7/7: closing credits:


| date: 22 May 2003

Successful Bring Your Own Drinks party, with Persona Non Grata from Hungary and the Lonesome Fugitives from Den Haag.

return of the acid 88

| date: 19 March 2003

benefit party

| date: 24 May 2002

Radio Tonka Benefit Party in Blauwe Aanslag

Video: TMC posse (toni maldoror, micha, channa), next to nothing (shitcluster: charlie + natasja), deejay blaise (light speed drivers), drunks and punks

Mixer Cinema Concerts # 9

| date: 25 August 2001

Audio visual performance night. Among others, a performance by dj Washing Machine and his dog (a remotely controlled washing machine dances and plays records). OT31, Amsterdam.

Artists from The Hague are notoriously difficult to find – wild, shy and nocturnal. Living underground these creatures leave their holes only occasionally to feed, drink and then mate. Even in the Hague sightings are so rare that some say that Artists are now completely extinct. Do not miss then this exciting opportunity to see live, in captivity a large group of these animals – emitting their strange noises and displaying visually. But be alert…entering is at your own risk. Mixer Cinema Concerts can not take any responsibility for injury or loss of personal property. The Hague special with former Bunker and Acid Planet stars – Featuring: Shitcluster – Spll – Geranium – dissonant Easys – DJ Washing Machine – Next to Nothing – The blue star acid experience.


| date: 3 March 2000


| date: 30 May 1992

i believe this is the flyer of the first techno party attempt at the blauwe aanslag in den haag. the act ‘unit moebius’ was doing a live performance mixing bunker 001 music from cassette, wearing yellow raincoats and binocular glasses. the first cyberpunk parties (later called acid planet) could not do without visuals. objects and paintings created for the occasion, people dressing up sci-fi, piles of 2nd hand colour tv’s showing deep sea life and monotonous amiga 500 color cycling images.  the building had it’s own cinema space where the easily fatigued would consume cult video rentals until early afternoons.


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