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| date: 13 October 2010

Natuurlijk wil Suriname ook mee in de Vaart der Volkeren. Maar hoe maken we de jeugd in Marowijne duidelijk dat je hiervoor je ‘roots’ niet hoeft te ontkennen? Hoe realiseren we Marcel’s motto ‘Kibri a Kulturu’?

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| date: 27 July 2010

a summary of jan and toni’s activities in suriname (februari-maart, 2010). the movie focussess on the preparations of the opening of the  Tembe Art Studio in moengo.  André Mosis has kindly agreed to supply additional vocal comments. the final version will be sent to Marcel Pinas and co-workers of the TAS, for review and publication.

part 1 of 2 (not finished):

part 2 of 2 (not finished):

the children dancing in this movie art part of dance group teke leli , founded and directed by tresna pinas. the next 2 video’s show teke leli doing more public performances.  i did not make these video’s, but i  like to show them anyway.

the movies are not publicly available on youtube. this is deliberate. please do not copy or distribute  without permission of the makers, or tresna pinas.

i found a documentary on the internet, in which tresna is spreaking about her war experiences as a child in suriname.

some newspaper articles and an information sheet about tresna’s dance group:


teke leli 1



teke leli 3


teke leli 4

and finally, a  shortcut to an article on the internet and a letter from tresna (dutch)  in which she describes her goals and needs concerning the children of moengo and teke leli. tresna’s email address is:


jan duivenvoorden, toni blokdijk

stichting maldoror,

den haag


| date: 9 February 2010

moengo 9 february 2010

sm u r in um a

goin to suriname with toni (salo mentale) for a month. read toni’s  blog (dutch)


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