Podcast 001

| date: 28 February 2018

This was supposed to be a silent movie, but I always felt it would be better with a soundtrack. Watch the original SILENT movie with DETAILED background info HERE: https://www.loslaten.tk/blog/2008/06/06/shoot-out-2008/


| date: 27 May 2015

Video CD

34 videos clips with audio, video, installations and performances by Brechje van der marel, Jan Duivenvoorden, Pierre Sondeijker, Charlie Watkins, etcetera, Electric Faeces of Den Haag, SWM, Shitcluster, Geradio Tonkium, Perfect Defect, Unit Moebius, Nimoy, Light Speed Drivers, IMP Electronics for Defence, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, DJ Washing Machine, etcetera, etcetera. The VCD was made around 2003 (?) in an effort to summarize our activities and satisfy potential organizers.


| date: 3 June 2011

Music: from benser 05 cassette ‘To Collect Ancient Melodies’
Clip: Minka Medik


| date: 12 February 2011

Video CD – compilation of exhibitions, performances, installations, movies, music and mor (2003).


| date: 20 November 2001

1646, Den Haag:

Noise fight by 4 electronic musicians under a 1:1 replica of a Russian jet fighter

It Sucks

| date: 22 April 2000

A 10 inch mini album made for Martijn Tellinga / Stichting Mixer: “Please no dancefloor material, but personal secrets”. Digging through dusty shoeboxes with unlabeled cassettes and minidisks, selecting, cutting and arranging the bits and pieces to fit the time limits of a 10 inch record.

download IMP electronics for defence – it sucks [zipped mp3 album, phono recording] (27.47 MB)   link obsolete. reupload to bandcamp.

Stichting Mixer event in OT301, Amsterdam (NL) with IMP Electronics for Defence on rhythmbox, CD loops and guitar effect pedals.

Cooking concert

| date: 26 January 2000

The sounds of the food preparation were captured and amplified. Cooks and musicians were performing on the same stage. The audience was served a noisy meal in 8 courses. Audio sampling by Imp Electronics for Defence (Jan Duivenvoorden) and SWM (Ivo van der Kaay)


| date: 1 January 1988

4 pages from Toverbal, a DIY ‘high school’ magazine about music, art, literature etc.
This article makes fun of Minigod, Popquilbeques, Leuk en Ko, etcetera.
Published around 1987/1988.


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