| date: 27 May 2015

Video CD – 34 videos clips with audio, video, installations and performances by brechje van der marel, jan duivenvoorden, pierre sondeijker, charlie watkins, etcetera,  electric faeces of den haag, SWM, shitcluster, geradio tonkium, perfect defect, unit moebius, nimoy, light speed drivers, imp electronics for defence, britney spears, whitney houston, dj washing machine, etcetera, etcetera. The VCD was compiled around 2003 (?) in an effort to summarize our activities and satisfy potential organizers.

perfect defect

| date: 3 May 2013


CHAN’s records present: a Bandcamp only release. 20 minutes of YOUR paranoid fears secretly recorded by your so called friends, and pressed on one-sided 12″ vinyl at Space War Industries, Den Haag.

3×10 on bandcamp

| date: 20 January 2013

the 3 x 10 inch single project has been uploaded to bandcamp.

audio only: by geranium, shitcluster and unit moebius anonymous

background info and video can be found at https://www.loslaten.tk/blog/2007/07/13/3×10-single-project/


more at  music.loslaten.tk

geradio tonkium

| date: 1 June 2011

sound: geranium on live radio tonka (excerpt)
additional moving images: pisti’s accidentally recorded feet (hi-8) blended with winamp milkdrop visualisations (edited) and: some rockets


| date: 12 February 2011

Video CD compilation of exhibitions, performances, installations, movies, music and more, made in 2003.


| date: 26 September 2007

“heee hallo vrienden van vrijhaven

Vrijhaven presents another black.neon science fiction dance.hall night
Shackleton <U.K. Skulldisco, dubstep>
Hellosinnation <R’dam, bassplayer plus>
Thye <D-H, breakcore>
obscuriosa <sati-satis-fy your soul with deep bass tunes>
geranium <energetic experience>
check https://www.vrijhaven.tk voor details
venue: huishoudschool, laan v meerdervoort 211 den haag”

3×10 single project

| date: 13 July 2007

– – – still missing: live gig videos, peter king video, discogs – – –

click the image below to start  a slideshow of  sleeve designs by jan and ivo. two of these images were selected to become the geranium album cover. this mini album was part of a 3 x 10 inch single package by unit moebius anonymous, shitcluster and geranium.


the vinyl (lathe cut) was done by peter king records in new zealand, then shipped to the netherlands, where we labeled them manually by cutting round stickers from decoration material. the triple singles were tightly wrapped in old fashioned wallpaper, and marked with a potato stamp. the meaningless logo resembled a mirrored K, or some kind of insect.

see peter king at work (youtube part 1 + 2 + 3):

each set included a DVD with video clips, made by local artists and friends. the video project’s code name was SVP2, as a follow up to SVP (shitcluster videoclip project). the rules of the project were: use or abuse the soundtrack in any way you like.

video above: 1st clip of DVD

video above: second clip of DVD

video above: third clip of DVD

video above:  fourth clip of DVD

the packages were sold non-profit, and most of them were bought even before the records had arrived from overseas. the sound quality of the records was way below average and varied per record.

a release party was held in de illusie, former residence of bunker records and radio tonka, and the oldest squad in the hague at the time (it was evicted and torn down earlier this year). shitcluster, uma and swm played live, and 2 deejays emptied the space afterwards.

evil lurks

Evil lurks in DEN HAAG on Friday the 13th of July. Shitcluster, Unit Moebius and Geranium present their long awaited very limited edition handmade 3×10 inch single package on a semi private release party somewhere in DEN HAAG. There will be 3 seperate live performance + DJ. THe package comes with a Video CD which also contains mp3 versions of the singles. All videoclips will be shown BIG SCREEN. Become Shitlcuster’s FRIEND or Unit Moebius FRIEND to get invited personally ; – P



| date: 17 February 2007


| date: 26 April 2006

navarac (trailer)

| date: 11 July 2002

the ‘the illuminati exposed’ exposed !


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