De Beste – Heel (Official Video)

| date: 10 January 2023

Video clip for Heel, a surprisingly uplifting track by De Beste, from Den Haag (NL). Listen and download the full album for free at !


| date: 27 December 2022

A Christmas album by De Beste (Anna Sophie de Vries & Jan Duivenvoorden), celebrating that marvelous year 2022, and anticipating an even more exhilarating 2023.

The album is called “Wensen” and can be downloaded from

Video for the track “Liefde”:

More videos soon!

De Beste @ The Church, Den Haag (NL)

| date: 27 August 2022

Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings Present

Join The Undergroundlings in a realm of devine forces, supernatural beings questioning existing realities. Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us

Photos by Stephan Kaffa


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