| date: 17 June 2011

unreleased unit moebius cassette

equipment: dr-660, s-950, mixer & delay pedal.

lord lollipop

| date: 16 June 2011

second of six benser tapes (benser 02), by richard van den bogaert.

equipment: sh-101 synthesizer, tb-505 drumcomputer, schneider stereo toren.

chasing rabbits

| date: 16 June 2011

radio tonka live performance by unit moebius and saló mentale, recorded around 1995

equipment: roland r-70 rhythm composer, casio sample keyboard and a microphone

norms are for the worms

| date: 14 June 2011 seems like a good place to store the old cassettes. the first one is a compilation tape called ‘norms are for the worms’ (november 1988).

there’s a ‘norms for worms’ booklet which i will scan into pdf, tomorrow

the booklet (with poems, cartoons, lyrics, info) is included as a bonus item. download @

complete cunker

| date: 30 August 2008

Unit Moebius’ complete releases on Cunker Records (348 MB). Cassette sleeves included! A present from Stichting Maldoror.


| date: 3 April 1999

Light Speed Drivers, live in Limoges (3/4/1999)

This experimental music festival did not require repetitive beats. Jan & Blaise’s improvised live set accidentally fitted the veejay’s video backdrops: lots of whales and royalty free black and white vintage movies (probably Nosferatu, not Charlie Chaplin). The audience was impressed but it really was all a big coincidence. Synchronicity, or whatever.

The DAT recording was truncated to fit on a cassette. This is the cassette version.


the devil is in the detail

| date: 23 November 1998

somewhere close to 1999 – i estimate, another  cassette was accomplished in similar manner as ‘a new face in hell’, which had been marginally successful (nobody really said they hated it). this time, minds and samplers (s950) seemed less noisy, but the result wasn’t as satisfactory as the first tape. matt fom scotland said he wanted to put our music on vinyl, so we honored his braveness by doing a tribute to him. he didn’t dare break his promise apparently,  as sloburn001 was a genuine shitcluster. the ‘wheels of steel’ track was the least messy bit of a short live set in the hague’s infamous loser bar ‘cafe koos’. nobody  complained, which in fact is essentially different from getting no attention at all.


(cassette sleeve, print & fold)

a new face in hell

| date: 23 July 1998

it must have been early 1998 when we felt the need to do something different. to break the golden tekno rules, we gathered some crappy equipment and began sampling tiny bits of charlies old record collection. sometimes it was a hard to connect the wires, but we managed to record a lot on c60 ferro cassettes. it must have been summer when we finished a compilation tape of the better parts. the only  criterium was that it had to  sound good on the car stereo. copies were sent to our former tekno heroes all over the world (anonymously). more copies were accidenally left at friends places and such.

printable sleeve (fold along the lines):


people thought i was the sad guy on the left …


| date: 14 March 1998

selling audio cassettes with unclear descriptions to techno people was a  common thing to do in the nineties. i had bought an ancient cassette copy machine to be able to supply on demand. it took 3 minutes to complete a c60, both sides at once. ferro tapes didn’t get stuck in the machine so often, but sounded like mud (through fog). just about enough tapes were sold to make up for train fares, drinks and tape machine.

title: kets
who: vork (roland and jan)
what: gig rehearsal
where: at home
comments: ‘skip side a’

download vork – kets mp3  (152.95 Mb)

inlay (fax copy):


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