Unit Moebius – Crave I

date: 11 June 2017

Live @ Crave 2017, The Hague
Camera and editing by Flora Reznik

Unit Moebius- Crave II

date: 7 June 2017

The end of Unit Moebius live @ Crave festival 2017, The Hague
Thanks Flora Reznik for filming and editing,

and thanks Guy Tavares, for calling the police.


Monniken in ‘t Riet

date: 9 May 2017

“Leuk en Ko is the Dutch bastard child by Unit Moebius members Jan Duivenvoorden and Richard van den Bogaert. Creating a vault of hard to classify material from mid eighties until early nineties, it didn’t get out there for whatever reason. After ”De Snoei 1” appeared on ”World of Rubber 3”, the big follow-up is here — an album of 13 selected ”songs” mastered from tape, pressed on vinyl and put in a nifty package (song texts included!) that works like a charm at home, on the floor or at a funeral”


Out of Home

date: 24 December 2016

Interview with Yair Callender about the exhibition Out of Home, at Noordwal 117 in Den Haag (NL)

Dance performance by Styliana Apostolou et al.

World Of Rubber 3

date: 1 November 2016


World of Rubber 3 is compiled to make you cry, love, stomp and vomit. Rebellious heavyhitter and lovely melodic excursion provided by Japanese Wave-duo Group A, acid smash and catchy synthpopper by Interstellar Funk, basement 808 TECH-NO-SHIT by DJ Overdose and Dutch ”Pop not Pop” by Leuk & Ko (Unit Moebius and Friend). Brought to you from Den Haag on a white immaculate platter with fresh inlay design.

Get ‘various artists – world of rubber 3’ at Clown.nl:  https://clone.nl/item42955.html

Huize Ruyghrock

date: 30 August 2016

Guy tells us all about his drainage problems and guides us through his underground studio and hiding place

Ausys Stačios Akys Plačios

date: 14 August 2016

STICHMA TV and Shitcluster performing and filming at Ausys Stačios Akys Plačios (soon to become Braille Satellite) in Lithuania, 12-14 august 2016.


date: 5 August 2016

Impressions of the opening of the exhibition by Stichting Maldoror in the Mimesia Gallery in Den Haag.

Stitching Maldoror

date: 30 July 2016


We’re proud to announce our summer exhibition, showcasing works by Anthony Blokdijk, Jan Duivenvoorden, Floris Duijvestein, Marie-claire van der Heijden, Sarina Missot and Victor van der Oever. This particular group of artists share a link with Stichting (foundation) Maldoror (The Hague, 1987).

In 2012 Stichting Maldoror celebrated its 25th birthday by travelling to Indonesia to trade 25 Dutch artworks for 25 Indonesian art works. In Yogyakarta, Maldoror chairman Anthony Blokdijk was invited to set up a project for children with Down Syndrome. As part of the funding, a website was created where friends of Maldoror would offer artworks for sale.

The exhibition ‘Stitching Maldoror’ is the finale of the project, with works created by the six artists who were presented on the website.
The title refers to Google’s auto-correct function when searching for Stichting Maldoror.

Mimesia Gallery is open every weekend in August from 12-6 pm, and on appointment via our website https://mimesia.gallery/contact.
The opening event on Friday evening August 5th will start at 7.30pm.