date: 28 December 1995

Rote Fabrik

date: 22 November 1995


date: 4 May 1995

Wein, Weib und Gesang

date: 1 April 1995

An interview with Unit Moebius, by Roderick Ruijgrock

Industrial Techno Team

date: 29 October 1994

Live in Prague

date: 5 August 1994

Unit Moebius DJ-ing and playing live at Tam Tam, Prague (CZ)


date: 30 May 1992

This is the flyer of the first techno party at the Blauwe Aanslag in Den Haag. The brand new live act ‘Unit Moebius’ was doing a live performance, mixing Bunker Records 001 tracks from DCC cassette, wearing yellow raincoats and binocular glasses. The first cyberpunk parties (eventually called Acid Planet) displayed objects and paintings especially created for the occasion, people dressing up as robots and such, towers of 2nd hand colour TV sets, playing deep sea life VHS tapes and monotonous Amiga 500 color cycling images.  There was an actual cinema space where the fatigued could watch cult video rentals all night long.

Bart’s wedding party

date: 29 May 1992

Bart en Pa’s wedding party in the basement of the Blauwe Aanslag.

The first live performance of Funky Sobrietas:

other guests, hosts and bands:

Funky Sobrietas

date: 21 May 1992

Funky Sobrietas press kit photo’s, shot in the Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag (NL)

Iets Vrijers

date: 14 March 1992

I have been trying to determine the exact date of this event. Some old squat newsletters mention a public protest and a band called Snakepiss, which recalled some vague memories of people making fun of this band’s name. I also remember having a winter depression, which fits the cloudy, rainy, miserable weather in the video. And I was playing the SH-101, dressed up as one of the Freddy Mercuries. Therefore, I declare this video to have probably been recorded on the 14th of march 1992 (by an unknown cameraman / woman).

part 1:

part 2:

In the process,  I stumbled upon a seemingly well organised collection of data about the dutch squat & activist movement. Guess who’s nephew is the curator of this archive ?


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