Mixer Cinema Concerts #9

date: 25 August 2001

Audio visual performance night. Among many others, a performance by dj Washing Machine and his dog (a remotely controlled washing machine dances and plays records). OT31, Amsterdam.

Artists from The Hague are notoriously difficult to find – wild, shy and nocturnal. Living underground these creatures leave their holes only occasionally to feed, drink and then mate. Even in the Hague sightings are so rare that some say that Artists are now completely extinct. Do not miss then this exciting opportunity to see live, in captivity a large group of these animals – emitting their strange noises and displaying visually. But be alert…entering is at your own risk. Mixer Cinema Concerts can not take any responsibility for injury or loss of personal property. The Hague special with former Bunker and Acid Planet stars – Featuring: Shitcluster – Spll – Geranium – dissonant Easys – DJ Washing Machine – Next to Nothing – The blue star acid experience.


date: 25 February 2001

Random images and unrelated objects to evoke unintended impressions. A compilation of sound, computer visuals and trash presented in gallerie De Ooievaar, Nieuwe Molstraat Den Haag.

Hij geeft niks weer

date: 20 November 2000

to be spontaneous or not to be spontaneous

It Sucks

date: 22 April 2000

A 10 inch mini album made for Martijn Tellinga / Stichting Mixer: “Please no dancefloor material, but personal secrets”. Digging through dusty shoeboxes with unlabeled cassettes and minidisks, selecting, cutting and arranging the bits and pieces to fit the time limits of a 10 inch record.

download IMP electronics for defence – it sucks [zipped mp3 album, phono recording] (27.47 MB)   link obsolete. reupload to bandcamp.

Stichting Mixer event in OT301, Amsterdam (NL) with IMP Electronics for Defence on rhythmbox, CD loops and guitar effect pedals.


date: 3 March 2000

10 beelden in het fietsenhok. 10 Haagse anoniemen vertonen hun beeldende kunsten in het voormalig fietsenhok van casuariestraat 16

Cooking concert

date: 26 January 2000

The sounds of the food preparation were captured and amplified. Cooks and musicians were performing on the same stage. The audience was served a noisy meal in 8 courses. Audio sampling by Imp Electronics for Defence (Jan Duivenvoorden) and SWM (Ivo van der Kaay)


date: 23 December 1999

“Everybody walks independently into a supermarket and places his little artwork in between the groceries.
The staff rapidly notices that something is going on. still, we had some hours of exitement and we definitely surprised some people.
The purpose of these actions is to enjoy making art for ourselves and others without commercial intentions.
at the same time it is a signal: why should everything occur within the applying rules when it concerns the creation of interesting and beautiful things.
According to me, everybody should be able to do likewise, as long as it doesn’t do any harm”


10 beelden in het Haagsche Bos

date: 23 October 1999

Secretly, very early in the morning, walking the paths of a city park in Den Haag. 10 people place their artworks in different areas of the park. Some works are removed almost immediately but others are left untouched for more than a week !


date: 8 July 1999

Bunker night at Kaaiman in Antwerpen (BE) with Unit Moebius (disguised as Sponaneous Twin Drive), Sulphur Surfer & DJ Charlie (Shitcluster).


date: 3 June 1999


dodo 1dodo 2

I remember a serious discussion about electronic dance music, and  everyone was sitting in chairs.  Shitcluster had to ask the audience to stand up, before they started their demonstration of electronic dance music. 
Salò Mentale also played that evening.


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