date: 8 June 2003

Short (and final) performance by J&B at Nu in Den Haag (NL)


date: 22 May 2003

Successful Bring Your Own Drinks party, with Persona Non Grata from Hungary and the Lonesome Fugitives from Den Haag.

Zum Tier II

date: 10 May 2003

Zum Tier

Dog cam projection + synthesized body processes.
Second attempt, this time the camera transmitter actually worked.

Electric Faeces Tilburg

date: 25 April 2003

Jan & Brechje karaoke pop + noise by the Electric Faeces at De Verschijning, Tilburg (NL)


date: 12 April 2003

Karaoke performance by j&b at Move, Den Haag

Return of the Acid’88

date: 19 March 2003

Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag (NL)

Szigetvar Impressions

date: 22 February 2003

June 2002: we were given opportunity to perform at the Lat Hatar cultural festival in Szigetvar, Hungary. At the time our plans and ideas were far from specific, but Stichting Stroom agreed on supporting our trip financially. In return, we promised to report about our activities and experiences.

February 2003: our Szigetvar tour impressions will be on display, as well as some fresh musical performances. Individual experiences expressed in various media. We have found suitable environments: Gallery MX0 (Nieuwe Molstraat 384) for static exhibitions, and Boekhorststraat 97½ for noise and beer.

Images, video, sound, installations, performances, whatever (under construction).
Who: wendy, brechje, natasja, pierre, charlie, ivo, jan, pisti, visitors.
Wy: because we promised.
When: saturday 22 february 2003. 14:00 at MX0 (Nieuwe Molstraat 384) and 16:00 at Boekhorststraat 97½.
It’s free.


date: 29 January 2003

Rotating installations in MX0, Den Haag (NL)

Den haag ruist #3

date: 27 December 2002

den haag ruist

Loop pop by Nimoy, moving images by blosje.

Video excerpt (from ’34’ video cd):

– – – full length audio mp3 (25 minutes) – – –

Stand van zaken

date: 22 December 2002

Spoken word by Bob Lens,  audio by Jan Duivenvoorden.


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