Shitcluster Cassette

date: 3 June 2022

Music originally created for Shitcluster’s live performance at Mutabor, Moscow (RU), 14 FEB 2019. Now available on audio cassette.
Beautiful artwork by DJ Neurp, equally beautiful music by Shitcluster. This is the 6th release on Chan’s records, suitable for mono or stereo cassette players. Make sure to clean your heads regularly.

Needs Must

date: 26 May 2022

Needs Must (when the devil drives)

Needs Must is a piece of avant-garde theatre created and performed by Petra van Beuningen and Charlie Watkins. Petra’s theatre talent, recognised in numerous theatrical projects, combines with Charlie’s Shitcluster experience to create a quirky tale of sex and violence spread over 60 minutes. The piece will be performed four times with technical support from Rob Bothof.

Entry is free and seat reservation is not possible. First come, first served basis, with a maximum of 50 visitors per performance.
Once visitors are admitted the doors will be closed and the performance will begin and no further admittance will be possible. So please come in plenty of time.

Friday 17 June doors open at 20.00
Saturday 18 June doors open at 15.00
Saturday 18 June doors open at 20.00
Sunday 19 June 22 doors open at 15.00

The bar will open after each performance with musical entertainment.


Sound Methaphors 23 – 2

date: 14 May 2022

The ‘Untitled EP’ from Spiral Tribe’s brothers in arms Unit Moebius is a crushing exercise in distortion and dread. Opener ‘Summertime’ (spoiler, it’s not exactly Hed Kandi territory) manages to both feel enormous and pulverised into submission. As it progresses, everything is pushed near the point of total collapse. A breakdown of sorts, clanging and metallic, emerges briefly before you’re plunged back into an obliterating tunnel, tapering away to a smudgy bass tone. ‘Millenium’ and ‘Imperator’ are more refined, leaning on doomy, atmospheric synths. ‘C.P.U’ is just madness, building to a squall of borderline atonal noise sitting somewhere on the pleasure/pain axis.



A generous collection of tracks, beautifully representative of the Spiral Tribe world. Coming on strong with “Summertime” a brute force exercise in synthesized rhythm, moving on to trippy dubbed out nuances over medieval bass lines – highly suggestive of time travel. On the flip side things get put back in fast gear with heavy 4 on the floor action propelled by dubbed out hi-hat. Ending with “CPU” which almost sounds like an attempt at shrinking the listener down to the size of an electron traveling inside the circuits of their samplers. Pioneering the distorted dutch techno sounds from The Hague.


“Wandelon is een wandelproject die je mee neemt naar bijzondere plekken in Den Haag. In het eerste seizoen nemen we je mee naar de kraakbeweging van de jaren 80 van de vorige eeuw. We nemen je mee langs verschillende kraakpanden in Den Haag. In deze eerste aflevering nemen we je mee naar het Buitenom in Den Haag, hier stond tot 2003 het kraakbolwerk “De Blauwe Aanslag”. Veel luister plezier!”


Unit Moebius Anonymous Live @ Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius (26-02-2022)

Filmed by Modesta Kalkyte



Shitcluster Live @ Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius (26-02-2022) – Part I
Filmed by Modesta Kalkyte:

Shitcluster Live @ Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius (26-02-2022) – Part II
Filmed by Modesta Kalkyte:



date: 2 December 2021

Distribution (Clone):

JUZER by Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel finds new stomping grounds at RUBBER with a four track release including a fresh remix by Unit Moebius Anonymous. Wanzer and Jugel, two pillars of the Chicago underground are known for their distor­ted jacked techno which is heavily rooted in the Chicago tradition.
Together with Beau Wanzer we have selected three archival tracks made prior to Jugel’s passing in 2018. The result is a grinding ensemble of raw techno jams that tips its hat to the different electronic flavors of Chicago and The Hague.

releases January 24, 2022

Music: JUZER (Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel), Unit Moebius Anonymous (Jan Duivenvoorden)
Instruments: Roland TR909, Roland TR808, Roland CR78, Roland CR1000, Roland JX3P, Casio RZ1, Akai S612
Recorded: Chicago, IL
Mastering: Lizzie Davis (Real Surreal)
Graphic design: Ruben Verkuylen
Words: Thomas van Linge

Unit Moebius Anonymous Remix

date: 8 November 2021

Remix of Shinoby’s “Better, Safer, Devastating ” (ISTHEWAY007) by Unit Moebius Anonymous, released in 2019.

Records and digital downloads are still available at Shinoby’s bandcamp page!

No deep sea creatures were harmed in the making of this video.


Koken met Stella

date: 7 November 2021

Cooking with Stella (with subs)
Recorded @ Bierstraat 23a, Den Haag (NL)


date: 27 October 2021

Stichma TV visits the Biennale 2017, in Venice (IT)
“De Biennale, leuker kunnen we het niet maken”


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