marie-claire van der heijden

date: 16 February 2011

FEB 2011. New paintings. Wagenstraat 104B, The Hague (NL).
Open every saturday from 13.30 – 17.30 hours, and on


date: 12 February 2011

Video CD compilation of exhibitions, performances, installations, movies, music and more, made in 2003.

maldoror v3.0

date: 21 January 2011



date: 18 January 2011

according to discogs: 1 person has this, and 7 people want this.

music inspired by pong – the video game.

This project was realised mostly for fun and promotion of pong, the one and only computergame. The release is not for sale, only shared amongst real friends.
The recording was created for the Pong/Eetbaar event, which took place in de Garage at the Zuidwal in The Hague. People could play pong and decide who would deejay and by buying beer from team A, B or C they could decide who went on to cook the meal


date: 18 January 2011


date: 8 January 2011

the many

date: 4 January 2011

leuk en ko book

date: 26 December 2010

it’s the book with lyrics, poetry, texts and such.

the physical book is smelly, the download version is blurry

update: leuk en ko book will be a supplement to a bandcamp release with full album on vinyl, in 2016


date: 17 November 2010

short clip for stichma tv,  in memory of eric lucassen

all visuals recorded in public internet space. shovels, gloves and robots are property of respective owners. ties and boots by operation paperclip . music by v/vm. israeli soldier babes: mail me. any  coincidental resemblances  are purely intentional

StichMa TV

date: 3 November 2010

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