Best Dutch group EVER

date: 4 May 2016

From Subbacultcha winter 2015 – page 15

Meat Thief

date: 17 March 2016

Music and costume by Shitcluster, Video by Natasja van Kampen

The Beatle

date: 17 March 2016

Moonchild remix

date: 25 February 2016


date: 24 February 2016

Retro Acid

date: 7 July 2015


12 september 2015, Gent, Belgium

Facebook event page:

Acid lovers, rejoice for a new edition of Retro Acid is coming your way. Staying true to the real acid sounds of the past and present, Retro Acid will fully embrace and celebrate the sounds of the famous Roland 303 once again.

On this edition we resolutely choose for the slightly harder adepts. The acidic ingredients of this night are a lot of analogue live-action with no less than 4 mind-expanding live acts, local talent and a resident with an extensive knowledge of all things acid.


✪ Line up ✪

✪ Hardfloor Live
(Hardfloor records, Hardhouse, Germany)

✪ Unit Moebius Live
(Bunker, Acid Planet, Chan’s, Netherlands)

✪ Stefan ZMK
(Obs.Cur, Mackitek HS, Peur Bleue, Symbiote, Netherlands)

✪ Mantrum Live
(Narcosis, Belgium)

✪ Acidon & Invazed Live
(KMK Soundsystem, Tik Tak Tekno, Belgium)

✪ Spacid
(Retro Acid, Kozzmozz, FGA, Belgium)


✪ Tickets ✪

Pre-sale : 15,00 Euro
Door : 19,00 Euro

Presale: FNAC
All Brooklyn Shops
Ghent: Vooruit


✪ More info ✪


✪ Concept ✪

We start of with acid pioneers Hardfloor from Germany. Their acid sound is credited to their virtuoso skill at manipulating the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizers and their reputation is legendary. They reputedly use up to six of these machines at once, some of which are highly modified. Forming in 1991 as the German acid and techno scenes were just beginning to solidify, the pair released the eleven-minute ‘Acperience’ single to inject a bit of bombast into the German scene. Utilizing since-standard compositional tools like long, melody-driven buildups and elaborate percussion breaks, the track became an instant dance-floor anthem and made Hardfloor a highly sought-after name for remix and production work. Some important work of the group came out on Sven Väth’s influential Harthouse imprint, including a number of full-length releases and a consistent schedule of 12-inches and EP’s. They now remain committed to the smoldering edge of acid, with 909 and 303 sounds comprising the lion’s share of their recognizable sound, on their own Hardfloor Records imprint.

Next up, Unit Moebius: starting as Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance, the godfathers of The Hague’s industrial techno/planet rock scene, evolved gradually from deep alienating lo-fi acid house and crazy rigid jack trax (mixing the best of the Detroit and Chicago styles) to hard pounding dark industrial techno, freaky techno funk pop and mean minimalistic machine music. Raw primitive production and sound (the first 7 albums were recorded on a nearly-broken cassette recorder – it was all they had!), very diverse in style, but always with that typical twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive and a bad sweaty groove that feels like a mind-fuck. They have a lot of legendary releases on epic labels as Bunker Records and Acid Planet to their name and have also ventured with others as Atlantik Wall, Network 23, … Their ‘Golden Years’ compilation appeared on Clone Classic Cuts. On Retro Acid they will play a 100% exclusive acid set which will be unique performance and a very special treat for acid lovers.

Stefan ZMK started DJing and producing in 1998. A year later he teamed up with friends to create a unique brand of free-parties: ZMK Soundsystem. By 2000 Stefan was a notorious vinyl collector and one of the members to start the ZMK record label, which contributed even more to ZMK’s European success. Stefan performed at countless parties all over Europe, promoting the unique Dutch brand of acid, tekno and hardcore. With over 17 years of experience, he is considered the most booked Dutch DJ of the free-party movement. With the rise of Ableton Live and Traktor Scratch, Stefan found the tools to incorporate all that is good in electronic music into his mindbendig sets. Mixing obscure elements, custom remixes with the freshest beats available, digital and analog. What was considered to be impossible, now sits waiting at his fingertips! On Retro Acid he will be closing the night and you can expect a very pure and sour acid set. Are you ready?

Ghent based producer Mantrum always had a broad taste in electronic music, with a certain predilection for TB303 abuse. In 2004 he teamed up with friends for what would later become the Narcosis crew. Two years later, the first X-LIVE event took place at Artcube Ghent, which was the start of a series of memorable parties. During these years he developed a strong interest in music production, which quickly emerged in a first live project called ‘Stoornis’. Meanwhile he kept doing his own thing in the background, which led to a new project called ‘Mantrum’. Mainly situated in the acid genre though not attached to any specific style, he develops his tracks according to the particular mood or mindset at that moment. After his solo debut at Acid Call earlier this year, he is now eager to present a completely new liveset for this edition of Retro Acid. Next to producing he is currently running the Narcosis and Kromatones label, promoting both established artist as well as new upcoming producers.

Acidon & Invazed is a 2 man project. They grew up together in Jabbeke, were friends for a long time and always had the same taste in different kinds of music. Later on, they discovered the acidsquirting in the tekno scene. In 2012 they started making music separately and two years later they joined forces. Nowadays they are busy making a banging machine live-set which they will present to the public on Retro Acid.

Our resident Spacid is one of the earliest acid pioneers in Belgium. His first steps playing in front of a public date back to 1990 when he was only 17. 1994 saw the founding of Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency concentrating on promoting groundbreaking music & arts. The parties, mostly illegal, were very successful and still to this day represent the true roots of Spacid’s dj career. Even after being propelled to slots at big festivals and being resident at various important concepts such the legendary Body 2 Body parties at Culture Club, Beats of Love, Lazerdance, Elektron, Kozzmozz… At Retro Acid he goes back to his true roots, the roots of acid!

What Is Right Now

date: 31 May 2015

A new Shitcluster video has premiered last friday, the 29th of May, at an experimental video night in Delft (

This was supposed to be a silent movie, but I always felt it would be better with a soundtrack. Watch the original SILENT movie with DETAILED background info HERE:


date: 27 May 2015

Video CD

34 videos clips with audio, video, installations and performances by Brechje van der marel, Jan Duivenvoorden, Pierre Sondeijker, Charlie Watkins, etcetera, Electric Faeces of Den Haag, SWM, Shitcluster, Geradio Tonkium, Perfect Defect, Unit Moebius, Nimoy, Light Speed Drivers, IMP Electronics for Defence, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, DJ Washing Machine, etcetera, etcetera. The VCD was made around 2003 (?) in an effort to summarize our activities and satisfy potential organizers.


date: 3 May 2015

The Reverend Cor Gout (with Unit Moebius and Anthony Blokdijk): Poppelepee CD, Cunker Records 014 (Maldoror), 1996.


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