Photo by Pieter Kers I – source:

Photo by Pieter Kers I – source:


In a time in which our societal freedom is heavily under discussion, a space for escapism becomes more and more important. Since the dawn of time humans felt the need to immerse into dance rituals where sound and the human body interact. Club culture caters for this need and provides a space where escapism, trance and full body immersion in sound and light relate to technology.
Conflux explores the current state of electronic dance music by inviting a few of the most innovative electronic and techno-driven musicians and local talents who experiment with the boundaries of club culture and dance floor rituals. With these nights Conflux strives to push the limits of the sonic pallet, combining the worlds of nocturnal sound with mind-bending visual experiments.Friday Club Night ticket: 10 euro
Saturday Club Night ticket: 15 euroTickets: Friday 3-6Pessimist
Das Ding (live)
Slick ChickSaturday 4-6Umwelt
Mad Miran
Samuel Kerridge
Acidic Male
Unit Moebius (live)
Rita Maomenos
Inge KMore info and timetable:

The Conflux festival Club Nights are presented in close collaboration with Mechanism.
Mechanism is a Rotterdam based organisation focussing on presenting and releasing adventurous techno driven music. The platform explores the boundaries between forefront audio visual explorations and experimental club culture. Besides organising experimental club nights, the organisation runs the Mechanism record label which releases vanguard electronic music emerging from human machine interactions.
Conflux festival Club Nights is initiated by Klankvorm, supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Rotterdam and Fonds21, and co-presented by WORM Rotterdam.


Live impressions copied from instagram users:


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