Bunker 014

| date: 23/12/2020

“First-time reissue of this valuable Bunker document. After the success of the label’s first seven Unit Moebius releases, number fourteen see Duivenvoorden & co tap into the same bowl of acid that made the earlier releases so infectious. Eight gnarly acid tracks that still stand as some of the most dark yet quirky techno around” – review copied from the internet

To celebrate the concept of unlawful reissues, we offer free downloads on our bandcamp page, and a couple of very affordable compilation boxes.

A physical vinyl version of Bunker 014 can be obtained as part of the limited edition Unit Moebius / Bunker – 6 x Vinyl box, now almost cheaper than international shipping: https://loslaten.bandcamp.com/album/unit-moebius-bunker-special


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