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Shitcluster Quartair 2011

| date: 30 April 2015

Re-upload. Improved video resolution, original dolby 5.1 audio track by Shitcluster.


| date: 28 April 2015


check it out , all the Live Acts >>

Unit Moebius:




| date: 28 April 2015


Phuture West x Wichelroede at Rewire Festival
Saturday May 2, Hoop, The Hague

DJ Stingray (US), Cliff Lothar (nn) live, Unit Moebius Anonymous (NL) live, Antenna (NL) live, Marsman (NL), Cloudface (CA) live, Garoeda (NL), Gerben Louw (NL)

Hoop I: Phuture West Bookings
Phuture West presents Detroit hiphop/house producer and Drexciya tour DJ, DJ Stingray (special guest), seasoned producer Cliff Lothar (live), Unit Moebius member Jan Duivenvoorden a.k.a. Unit Moebius Anonymous (live), live playing House producer Antenna (live) and Pinkman records labelboss Marsman.

Hoop II: Wichelroede
Wichelroede will be represented by ambient, contemplative techno producer Cloudface (live), The Hague-based talented producer Garoeda and Wichelroede initiator Gerben Louw.

Rewire Club Ticket Saturday: € 15 – (HOOP + Korzo)
Rewire Friday / Saturday Tickets: € 28
Rewire Weekend Tickets: € 39,95

More info:

see facebook page:

Thunderclaps 1996

| date: 28 April 2015

Unit Moebius-vs-Haks-vs-De Joode, featuring The Reverend Cor Gout
Den Haag, Korzo, Thunderclaps II-2, 23/2/1996

Cor Gout (prose texts), accompanied by Jan Moebius (techno), Wilbert de Joode (impro on contra bass) en Jan-Kees Haks (impro on Korg-synthesizer).

‘Gemobiliseerd’: live during an edition of theThunderclaps-series at the Korzo, Den Haag, 23/2/96, on: Cor Gout + …,’Textuur’ (EE –Tapes, ET 75, 2000)


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