| date: 28/10/2014


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Saturday November 1 program:
All day O.M.I.A.M.H. – Konrad Smoleński
21:00 ‘Lampyridae’ Performance – Matteo Marangoni & Dieter Vandoren
21:00 ‘Rondzingen’ Concert – Anne Wellmer
22:00 Concert – BMB.con
23:00 Unit Moebius Anonymous

More about the program: https://www.volkspaleis.org/2014/en#program

This year West is presenting the Volkspaleis (People’s Palace) in the Zuiderstrandtheater. The new monumental installation ‘One Mind In A Million Heads ’ (O.M.I.A.M.H.) by Konrad Smoleński made in collaboration with choreographer Noa Shadur is the central piece of the presentation. Curator Michał Libera has invited a selection of artists for the event. In all facets the program aims to show the extreme range of an audio speaker. In a period of five weekends, noise, electronically amplified to an overwhelming volume, will change via an acoustic, soft volume to almost complete silence.

More about Volkspaleis: https://www.volkspaleis.org/2014/en#info

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