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Dancing And Painting 08

| date: 24 March 2013

Meanwhile in the tropics, Brechje dances and paints a golden oldie by Shitcluster. To complain about the jury’s descission, please visit the CHAN’s Records group on Facebook.


| date: 24 March 2013

Funky Sobrietas’ Eighties medley

Dancing And Painting 07

| date: 18 March 2013

In this episode of Dancing and Painting, Rens paints a new track by Tapenade, while dancing invisibly off-screen.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne

| date: 14 March 2013


Creme Organization & Bunker Records Blow Out: UNIT MOEBIUS, DJ TLR, MYRIADD SHEMALE & PERSEUS TRAXX Easter Sunday 31 March @ Star & Shadow Cinema


Quit the grinnin’ and drop that linen!

UNIT MOEBIUS LIVE (Bunker, Acidplanet, NL)
DJ TLR (Creme Organization, Bunker Records, NL)
MYRIADD (Mantra, Creme JAK, Bunker Records, UK)
SHEMALE (Bunker Records, UK)
PERSEUS TRAXX (Bunker Records, Creme Organization, M>O>S, UK)

Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
11pm – 4am

£8 before 12 
£9 after

No online tickets, just first come first serve. When it’s full it’s full.

Definitely a first for Newcastle maybe even mainland UK? Who knows and who cares? 

This gig brings together UK Bunker Heads Shemale and Perseus Traxx and Myriadd (Creme JAK, Signals) along with Global Darkness founder and Creme Organization head honcho DJ TLR plus a super rare performance from The Hague Techno Legends UNIT MOEBIUS!

What this may mean for some people as they stare through the mist at the shining trapezohedron and lone strobe-o-scope is beyond rational thought…….

For many in the North East of England it’ll be a special moment. As DJ TLR describes:

“In many ways Bunker is an affirmation of the nerd life, a self contained (and carefuly cultivated) end game of it’s serial monomaniac owner and creator Guy Tavares, who is, by his own admission, stuck forever alone at a high-school dance. Sprung from an environment that has largely been gentrified (The Hague) and a scene that is close to being wiped out (squatters dude!). Stark and slightly pompous in its vision, but never rigid and -godforbid- petty minded. It is also inclusive, welcomes the input of others and is quick to support upcoming artists. It doesn’t really matter who you are or what you credentials are, if you’ve got a story to tell, you can roll no problem, the music always comes first. And yes dammit, sometimes this platitude really is what it is! It makes Bunker Records one of the very few true DIY labels and absolutely unique in today’s music landscape: a Bullshit Detector for the noughties, a tiny giant hammering at the foundations of dance music’s Ego Cathedrals.”


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