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Dwarse Haagse Beats

| date: 27 September 2012

Za. 20 okt. Paard van Troje.

Eigenwijze Haagse electronica van vroeger en nu met Unit Moebius Anonymous, Get it Boyz, Rivers Area Juke Squad, Filosfische Stilte & Turtlebirth en DJ Phil Tovver


| date: 22 September 2012

In samenwerking met Pip, Rewire en Bunker is er hier drie dagen lang een gratis toegankelijk programma met onder andere optredens van Torus, Generate, Monomental, Mouches Volantes, Unit Moebius vs Schmerzlabor, Atiq & EnK en Le Source (

SD23 Preview

| date: 20 September 2012

Heftigste Momenten

| date: 19 September 2012

interview @

Bunker wordt 20

| date: 19 September 2012

interview @

20 jaar Bunker Records

| date: 19 September 2012


Shitcluster On Request

| date: 19 September 2012


hi there

i’m a big fan of those two shitcluster cassettes i’ve downloaded here in mp3. fucking great music ! there’s any chance to get them in lossless flac or wav format somehow ? of course i will pay for them. please let me know.

much respect and best regards from pécs, hungary



You’re welcome

DJ Bbroadcast

| date: 11 September 2012