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Vrijhaven Maakhaven

| date: 10 March 2012

Live: Salo Mentale featuring Unit Moebius, covering the eighties.

Building a studio in the bicycle storage room, and practicing:

Tonka 1993-1995

| date: 9 March 2012

Radio Tonka playlist: pirate radio (live-) music & talkshows from Den Haag, Netherlands 1993-1995. “Zo Is Het”, “Datacowboy 2000”, “All Night Long”, “Bellen maar”, “Megatop”, and more (Kokus & Konijnenoot!).

The programs were mostly pre-recorded at home, on audio cassette, which were then broadcast a couple of hours later at the pirate radio station. Initially, the station was just a transmitter and a cassette player. To avoid having to listen to our recordings, we decided to go ‘live’  by connecting a mixer and a microphone to the transmitter – most of these were never recorded.


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