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i am fishead

| date: 15 March 2012

vrijhaven @ maakhaven

| date: 10 March 2012

live: salo mentale featuring unit moebius, covering the eighties. listen to the 5 demo tracks!

building a studio and practicing. this track didn’t make it!


| date: 9 March 2012

radio tonka playlist, pirate radio (live-) music & talkshows from den haag, netherlands 1993-1995. “zo is het”, “datacowboy 2000”, “all night long”, “bellen maar”, “megatop”, and more (kokus & konijnenoot!).

the programs were initially recorded at home on cassette tape, often to be transmitted only a couple of hours later at the pirate radio station. the radio studio was just a transmitter and a cassette deck. at some point we decided to go ‘live’  by connecting a mixer and a microphone in the studio. most of these were never recorded (luckily, some might say)


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