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| date: 01/06/2011

I’m the new subject of Maldoror Gallery’s monthly experiments, starting from today. My original plan was to become enlightened by transforming the material into the immaterial. which practically means: to digitize dozens of antique audio and video cassettes, paperwork, writings, drawings and objects and publish everything on the internet where it will remain until the 2012 solar flares come to erase all our hard drives. The ETC (estimated time of completion) counter on the bottom right of this page shows the number of days left before our world is supposed to end. According to recent popular beliefs however, this may have been too optimistic: comets, bacteria, radiation, vulcano’s and bankers work hard to speed things up, meaning I better make some haste. Hereby, I thank Tony Blokdijk for offering me this deadline opportunity, and I promise to do my best to make use of it, Jan Duivenvoorden (mildly suffering from cucumber flu).

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