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| date: 17 June 2011

unreleased unit moebius cassette

equipment: dr-660, s-950, mixer & delay pedal.


| date: 16 June 2011
A mysterious new label from The Hague, set up and run by Shitcluster and Unit Moebius (of Acidplanet and Bunker fame), who also team up for the first release, a twisted 50 minute trip though paranoid black sound scapes with industrial techno backdrops crossing the dimensional divides. Straight from The Hague’s deepest underground and guaranteed to blow your mind!

more at


lord lollipop

| date: 16 June 2011

second of six benser tapes (benser 02), by richard van den bogaert.

equipment: sh-101 synthesizer, tb-505 drumcomputer, schneider stereo toren.

chasing rabbits

| date: 16 June 2011

radio tonka live performance by unit moebius and saló mentale, recorded around 1995

equipment: roland r-70 rhythm composer, casio sample keyboard and a microphone

norms are for the worms

| date: 14 June 2011 seems like a good place to store the old cassettes. the first one is a compilation tape called ‘norms are for the worms’ (november 1988).

there’s a ‘norms for worms’ booklet which i will scan into pdf, tomorrow

the booklet (with poems, cartoons, lyrics, info) is included as a bonus item. download @


| date: 11 June 2011


Status update: this week i spent hours recording and mastering old dat tapes, using a netbook with windows 7. All went smooth until i noticed the digital artifacts in the rendered wavs, presumably the result of capturing at 44.1 khz where windows 7 defaults had been 48 khz. I will start all over again, but not today: sun is shining, going for a walk with Toni and do some shoppings (plumbing tools and cat foods)


| date: 7 June 2011

shitcluster and unit moebius anonymous on the record.

sound snippets:

side a

side b

maldoror meeting:


| date: 6 June 2011

vliegtoren performance @ trefkunst festival, leidschendam (september 2005), music by klitink.

electric faeces 3 of 3

| date: 5 June 2011

electric faeces 2 of 3

| date: 5 June 2011


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