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Leuk en Ko Book

| date: 26 December 2010

It’s a book – with lyrics, poetry, texts and such.

update: The contents of the book will be a supplement to a bandcamp release with full album on vinyl, in 2016


| date: 14 December 2010

Dear friends, totally in the spirit of the holiday season Vrijhaven
presents an unhealthy dose of family fun::

Mr Labrador is a blackdog from Rennes who creates desolate
soundscapes, with krautlike rhythms combined with fieldrecording
samples. Or at other times he makes dark noise improvisations and
works with an analogue sound installation with contact microphones;
strange objects; telephone recordings; looppedals etc. . .

Four darkbrown French freaks in search of fire:: their improvisations
are both fragile and violent. –Arnaud Debreu::plays with a computer
(or is it the computer that plays with him?), objects, Ukulélé,
pick-up, turntables –Manuel Duval::sometimes uses a kettle by way of
mediator, guitar player –Johann Mazé:: is a drummer definitely not
like Phil Collins, also uses objects, field recordings, multi-effects
–Simon Poligné::plays keyboards, vocals, multi-effects, turntable::::
The band has traces of Volcano the Bear, Nurse With Wound or Faust.

Birminghams most obscure producer of raw twisted beats & moody
soundscapes. Also founder of label

is Jan Duivenvoorden producing weird, alienating and spherical
machinemusic::”very diverse in style, but always with that typical,
twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, a bad, sweaty groove that feels
like a mindfuck”::ufopop!

Salò Mentale has a long history : it started out as a collective in
1983 and after wild years with some legendary shows and a few cassette
releases and one twelve inch the band fel apart in 1999. The moniker
is now revived as Salò Mentale Solo, the project of Anthony Blokdijk
who is founder of stichting Maldoror and runs the Jan Huijgen gallery
in the Hague. The sound on his latest release, a music video album, is
purely electronic and has influences from industrial, ebm, ambient
cut-ups and pre-techno grooves. Names like Coil and Throbbing Gristle
spring to mind.

::To complete the fun there will be projections of video’s by
Marjolijn van der Meij and Brechje van der Marel. Obscuriosa & friends
will deejay around the live action::

Saturday 18 december at Villa te Koop, Alexander Gogelweg 12 Den Haag
Start 21:00 entrance fee 5 eur


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