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Singing On The Beach

| date: 8 November 2009

Remastered version of a youtube viral classic, made for
Music by jan, vocals by the woman on the beach.


There is a woman singing on the beach and she is not aware of the beachpeople who make fun of her and when she notices the ridicule she is embarrased and i think from now on she will be careful where she sings and what she sings and i think the millions of people who watched her on the internet will be careful too but then i read somewhere that in the 17th century in the netherlands people were singing all day about everything all the time and that singing is healthy and makes you happy

Fine Fleur

| date: 6 November 2009

Shitcluster birdwatcher performance at Maakhaven, Den Haag (NL), live disco edits + video projections.


| date: 6 November 2009

Holiday video edit featuring a cat, a fish, a rock, a sun, a sea, a boat, a boy and a girl. special effects by DivX video codec,  VLC and mobile phone. Music by Nimoy (UMa)


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