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| date: 3 March 2009

Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond, mainly through numerous releases on their own independent labels Bunker and Acid Planet Records. The music can be best described as no-compromise and rudimentary; it seems to reflect the cheap, rough and direct approach of The Hague’s d.i.y. mentality of the nineties, as well as the autistic isolation and alienation of information-society’s social inepts. Often referred to as ”Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance”, Unit Moebius’ music is ”very diverse in style, but always with that typical, twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, a bad, sweaty groove that feels like a mindfuck”. One can expect ”deep, alienating, lo-fi, acid house and crazy, rigid jack trax (mixing the best of Detroit and Chicago styles) to hard, pounding, dark, industrial techno, freaky techno, funk, pop and mean,minimalistic machine music” [quote from]. The Classic Cuts release “The Golden Years” is a fine selection of the more accessible dancefloor tracks from the early and mid-nineties which have strong references to the most early techno and house sounds from Detroit and Chicago. 12 of their amazing tracks available again on Clone classic cuts in nice remastered versions


  1. Ecology
  2. Bender World
  3. Duplovision
  4. Biosoft
  5. Monoman
  6. Overload
  7. Popcorn
  8. Mirrors
  9. Let’s Go
  10. Nylon
  11. Beat That Perculator
  12. Dolfinarium

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