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Nieuwe Kerk

| date: 29 November 2008

Saturday November 29, Nieuwe Kerk Scheveningen: Shitcluster+Professor Proof+end red dress+dj’s Kassen and Obscuriosa

“shitcluster have been clustering shit for ten years already.
they haven’t really improved much but they haven’t got any worse either.
the audio-visual equivalent of mixing all the leftover paint in the shed
or cooking everything left in the fridge.
older and wiser than they used to be they will be approaching the church
with a sense of reverence and respect.”

Professor Proof
An art graduate and weathered musician, this half human half funk machine has kept himself busy with saving the planet and marrying the sweetest ladies walking it but NEW! he will blow you into the whirling future with his wobbling bobstep bits & force feeding MASS MEDIA MELODIES $$$ Has already played at several festivals including >>18 YEARS<< and >>WINTER<< (at andergrond)

Expect only the worst of the best, with his own instruments Prof. Proof is READY FOR EVERYTHING
For this special occasion at the new church Professor Proof will be assisted by Mr Goody Goody for an extra layer of fatness and special d-fects!

end red dress
Down-tempo / Minimalist / Live Electronics
subtle shifts in tone that create soothingly apocalyptic drones.

“Hi, I’m Kassen and today I don’t feel like a third person bio. I like lots of different things, things that aren’t always easy to combine. I like DJ-ing because it can make that easy, for a change. I also like listening attentively to gabber and dancing to classical pieces. I’m on the Creme label, write my code in ChucK and live in The Hague.”

Residence DJ duo Obscuriosa play electronic madness

Entrance: free

Doors open: 20.00
First act starts: 20.30!

Duinstraat 4, Scheveningen
Trams 1, 11, bus 23, nachtbus 1


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