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| date: 4 July 2008

Shitcluster performance (filmed by Arianne Olthaar, at the Illusie festival in Den Haag) and live music by Unit Moebius Anonymous.



Fri 04.07.2008 – den haag – illusie / scsi / white space – 18th anniversary celebration @ de illusie, day one

At around 20:00 There’ll be live music from Orient express who serve spicy folk from the east:

Son-5 will bring us latin surf influenced craziness from all over the world John Dear Mowing Club: Was eerst Smutfish, maar da’s al bijna oud nieuws!

Mooie liedjes en toffe lui!

Rob Bothof doet een knallende openingsact met licht en geluid! OHHHH!

Ren SG well they don’t need no introduction I’d say!

1234!!Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok!

Unit Moebius Anonymous; I think this is a secret or something? But you’ll know it when you feel it.

Shitcluster: they make noise!

Joop Ankerman is the DJ that will make you boogie.

Then there’s cool movies too.

Radio Tonka zendt het festival live uit op vrijdag vanuit De Illusie van 22.00 tot 2.00 uur op Den Haag FM, 92.0 MhZ.

schouwburgstraat 2 & casuariestraat 16


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