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Tik Tak

| date: 25 April 2008

Tik Tak 10 in Casuariestraat 16, Den Haag (NL).  Shitcluster live electronics & DJ. Performance with giant robot hands trying to lift a glass of beer and a cigarette. Live broadcast on Radio Tonka and Loslaten Radio. Pictures by LNA

Geeft niet

| date: 14 April 2008

Inspirational design, by Minka


| date: 13 April 2008

Verkeerstoren Ypenburg, back in the old days (notice the brick walls)

Doop Review

| date: 11 April 2008

12″ // £7.49
Catalogue Number: SD11

Back in stock! Sh*tcluster first appeared on our radar with the queasily ketmine influenced ‘bitslutch’ ep for bunker records last year, an indefinable trip into lofi experimentation with a properly dark attitude with really caught my attention. A little further digging reveals that Sh*tcluster are a multimedia collective based in Den Haag with a sporadic catalogue of CDrs and 12″s released over the last 10 years. The ‘doop’ ep for the wicked Syncom data imprint shows another facet of their style, this time coming with a far more danceable brand of experimentation on the four ‘doop’ variations. The tracks on offer strut and stumble around a collection of rough cut samples pieced together with roughshod slow house tempo drum machine rhythms and a darkside experimental attitude, perfectly crafted for headphone mooches around the dirty brown streets of Den Haag, or so i’d imagine. To be completely honest i’ve never really heard anything quite like this before, the synths are detuned to head melting extremes, and layered over some of the queerest hypnotic rhythms in a totally unique fashion which challenges the listener to decide between standing, sitting or curling up into the foetal position for the best listening experience, personally i’d recommend the foetal position. Fans of Like-A-Tim, the Bunker label or just damn strange music need to check this without fail. Comes on brian melding purple vinyl and very highly recommended indeed….

(review from boomcat)


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