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von blau hinaus

| date: 5 October 2003

Stroperige muziek om te snuiven, door Mischa, Jan Maarten en Joost.

blauwe aanslag

| date: 3 October 2003

eviction of blauwe aanslag building (‘blue attack’) in 2003. pirate radio tonka broadcasting 24/7  from the inside. the squat was demolished as soon as everybody had left the building.

video by pierre sondeijker:

it seems it is easier to destroy than to create:
Grotere kaart weergeven

synchronicity rules. i posted this last week,  and it seems some people were busy preparing a public protest at the same time. nowadays protests of the sensible kind are well taken care of by mayor and police. how’s that for climate change.

original source: click the picture.


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