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szigetvar impressions

| date: 22 February 2003

june 2002: we got the opportunity to perform at the lat hatar cultural festival in szigetvar, hungary. although our plans and ideas were somewhat vague at the time, stichting stroom agreed on supporting our trip financially. in return, we promised to show some report on what we had done and experienced.

february 2003: our szigetvar tour impressions will be on display, as well as some fresh musical performances. individual experiences expressed in various media. we have found suitable environments: gallery MX0 for static exhibitions and boekhorststraat 97½ for noise and beer.

what: images, video, sound, installations, performances, whatever (under construction). more info soon, or not.
who: wendy, brechje, natasja, pierre, charlie, ivo, jan, pisti, visitors.
why: promise.
when: saturday 22 february 2003. 14:00 at MX0 (nieuwe molstraat 384) and 16:00 at boekhorststraat 97½.
it’s free.


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