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| date: 3 October 2002

there was a local thunderstorm, but it passed over. all of a sudden my answering machine started doing things by itself. the lights started blinking, without the phone ringing. no signal on the phone line.  i could hear a definite thunderstorm through the speaker. it went on for a couple of minutes, while i was searching for an explanation.  i couldn’t find any so i got my camera and recorded it, to prove to myself that i hadn’t made it all up.

from the moment i started filming, the sound gradually decreased in volume and was interrupted by silences. until i couldn’t control myself and pressed the button to see what would happen. then it was all over. and nothing on the tape. i believe my answering machine acted like a babyphone or something, only the transmitting device must have been miles away, where the storm was still going strong… i still don’t get it, really


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