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| date: 3 October 2002

A local thunderstorm had passed over, and all of a sudden my tape answering machine activated itself. Nobody called, there was no signal on the phone line. The lights where blinking. I could hear a thunderstorm  loud and clear through the phone speaker. This continued for a couple of minutes.  I couldn’t come up with any explanation, so I took my video camera and recorded the incident, to prove to myself that it was real.

The silences in between the sounds became longer, and the volume gradually decreased. Then, I could not control myself and pressed the machine’s button to see what would happen. Nothing happened, and nothing was recorded on the tape. I later believed my   answering machine acted like baby monitor receiver, possibly caused by the heat or electric atmospheric disturbances. However, the transmitting device had to be miles away, where the thunderstorm was still going on. Nowadays, I still don’t get it.


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