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Wet Spot

| date: 30 August 2001

Audio experiments by Jan and Ivo. Meanwhile, Brechje improvises with slides, a painting of a cat, lots of paint, newspaper articles, 30 blue caps and a microphone. Luxus Gallery, Den Haag

Mixer Cinema Concerts #9

| date: 25 August 2001

Audio visual performance night. Among many others, a performance by dj Washing Machine and his dog (a remotely controlled washing machine dances and plays records). OT31, Amsterdam.

Artists from The Hague are notoriously difficult to find – wild, shy and nocturnal. Living underground these creatures leave their holes only occasionally to feed, drink and then mate. Even in the Hague sightings are so rare that some say that Artists are now completely extinct. Do not miss then this exciting opportunity to see live, in captivity a large group of these animals – emitting their strange noises and displaying visually. But be alert…entering is at your own risk. Mixer Cinema Concerts can not take any responsibility for injury or loss of personal property. The Hague special with former Bunker and Acid Planet stars – Featuring: Shitcluster – Spll – Geranium – dissonant Easys – DJ Washing Machine – Next to Nothing – The blue star acid experience.


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