| 03/04/1999

Light Speed Drivers, live in Limoges (3/4/1999)

This experimental music festival did not require repetitive beats. Jan & Blaise’s improvised live set accidentally fitted the veejay’s video backdrops: lots of whales and royalty free black and white vintage movies (probably Nosferatu, not Charlie Chaplin). The audience was impressed but it really was all a big coincidence. Synchronicity, or whatever.

The DAT recording was truncated to fit on a cassette. This is the cassette version.


3 Responses to “meltdown”

  1.  scharensliep:

    phonopatischer Krankzucht!

  2.  sdefzone:

    the link is dead… not our curiosity! please…

  3.  jan:

    link replaced

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