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the devil is in the detail

| date: 23 November 1998

somewhere close to 1999 – i estimate, another  cassette was accomplished in similar manner as ‘a new face in hell’, which had been marginally successful (nobody really said they hated it). this time, minds and samplers (s950) seemed less noisy, but the result wasn’t as satisfactory as the first tape. matt fom scotland said he wanted to put our music on vinyl, so we honored his braveness by doing a tribute to him. he didn’t dare break his promise apparently,  as sloburn001 was a genuine shitcluster. the ‘wheels of steel’ track was the least messy bit of a short live set in the hague’s infamous loser bar ‘cafe koos’. nobody  complained, which in fact is essentially different from getting no attention at all.


(cassette sleeve, print & fold)


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