a new face in hell

| 23/07/1998

it must have been early 1998 when we felt the need to do something different. to break the golden tekno rules, we gathered some crappy equipment and began sampling tiny bits of charlies old record collection. sometimes it was a hard to connect the wires, but we managed to record a lot on c60 ferro cassettes. it must have been summer when we finished a compilation tape of the better parts. the only  criterium was that it had to  sound good on the car stereo. copies were sent to our former tekno heroes all over the world (anonymously). more copies were accidenally left at friends places and such.

printable sleeve (fold along the lines):


people thought i was the sad guy on the left …

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  1.  dr.diagno6:

    what about ‘Minion’ project? i seem to have lost the music

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