Leuk en Ko Kerstverhaal 1993

| date: 16/01/1993

Leuk en Ko “Kerstverhaal” @ Mevrouw Latenstaan, zoetermeer (NL) – 1993

Stage play written by Leuk en Ko, and performed by Irma Kops, Jan Duivenvoorden, Martijn Edinga and Richard van den Bogaert at Mevrouw Latenstaan, Zoetermeer, 16 January 1993. Filmed and preserved by Bart Barendregt (thanks!).

Summary: Because of his mediocre theology scores, Klaas is expelled from home by his unforgiving father. Consumed by guilt, Klaas desperately begs God to help him. Eventually, a singing telegram deliverer informs Klaas’ parents that their son jumped in front of a train. Their initial shock fades quickly when the messenger offers to replace Klaas as a family member.

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