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| date: 30 May 1992

i believe this is the flyer of the first techno party attempt at the blauwe aanslag in den haag. the act ‘unit moebius’ was doing a live performance mixing bunker 001 music from cassette, wearing yellow raincoats and binocular glasses. the first cyberpunk parties (later called acid planet) could not do without visuals. objects and paintings created for the occasion, people dressing up sci-fi, piles of 2nd hand colour tv’s showing deep sea life and monotonous amiga 500 color cycling images. ┬áthe building had it’s own cinema space where the easily fatigued would consume cult video rentals until early afternoons.

wedding party

| date: 29 May 1992

bart en pa’s wedding party in the basement of the blauwe aanslag.

the first live performance of funky sobrietas:


other guests, hosts and bands:


funky sobrietas

| date: 21 May 1992

funky sobrietas press kit 1992


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