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iets vrijers

| date: 14 March 1992

i have been searching the internets to retreive the exact date for this event. just a moment ago i read some old squat news letters reviewing a public protest. it mentions a band called snakepiss, which rang a tiny bell (vague memories of people making fun of the band name). my mood at the time was ‘winter depression – stage 4’, which fits the cold, rainy, miserable weather in the video. and, i was doing pre- unit moebius electronics. i’m sure it’s not later than 1992, so  i hereby declare this video (author: unknown) to have been recorded @ 14 march 1992.

part 1:

part 2:

in the process,  i stumbled upon an organised-looking collection of data regarding the dutch squat & activist movement. now guess who’s nephew is the curator of this archive ?


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