Shitcluster IKI GAGA cassette

date: 18 September 2020

New Shitcluster release on IKI GAGA cassette label from Brussels.

Bunker Box

date: 20 April 2020

Sold out @

*** 1 box per customer ***
Unit Moebius Box set including 7 12inches (Bunker 001 – 007), Inlay and Unit Moebius Labyrinth longsleeve size S M L and XL.
Limited to 30 copies. *** 1 box per customer ***

DJ Duivenvoorden @ West Den Haag

date: 24 February 2020

DJ Duivenvoorden / Unit Moebius Anonymous live @ opening West Den Haag, Onze Ambassade, Den haag (NL)

Photo by Sabine Heerema (thanks!)

Shitcluster @ Mutabor

date: 14 February 2020

Shitcluster live @ Mutabor, Moscow (RU).
Compilation of clips from Instagram Videos by alinkino and _elendos_  (thanks!) and me.

Unit Moebius @ Florence

date: 1 February 2020

Unit Moebius Anonymous celebrating decadence while everything burns @ Florence (IT)
Filmed by Marco M. Lowfreq Graziano (thanks!)


Unit Moebius @ Radion

date: 6 December 2019

Unit Moebius Anonymous live @ Radion, Amsterdam (NL)

Leuk en Ko @ Hoppetosse

date: 9 November 2019

Leuk en Ko live show on Arma night @ Hoppetosse, Berlin (DE)

Photo’s of costume design in hotel room:

Unit Moebius Anonymous playing live @ Onderwereld in Magazijn, Den Haag (NL)

Haas Hoensa (Official Video)

date: 8 November 2019

Promotional video for Leuk en Ko 2017-18-19 tour. (Amsterdam, Moskou, Berlin)

Filmed @ Monserat, Barcelona (ES) in oktober 2017, with a smartphone

Unit Moebius @ Mutabor

date: 2 November 2019

Unit Moebius (Anonymous) playing live @ Underworld in Mutabor, Moscow (RU)