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tapenade 2

| date: 19 June 2013


| date: 4 May 2013

An audio version of Salò Mentale’s Scanlines is added to our Bandcamp page!

The original video version of Scanlines (2010) can still be watched and downloaded at

perfect defect

| date: 3 May 2013


CHAN’s records present: a Bandcamp only release. 20 minutes of YOUR paranoid fears secretly recorded by your so called friends, and pressed on one-sided 12″ vinyl at Space War Industries, Den Haag.

neuroshopper v1.1

| date: 22 February 2013



hey jan 🙂

i would like to buy the neuroshopper v1.0 cd. please send me deatil for the purchase. thank you



Sorry to keep you waiting for so long.
There are no more Neuroshopper Cd’s left. However, we are planning to store all our works on Currenly, we are experimenting with single albums and vinyl. The next step will be: organising al our works in big packages, for as cheap as possible. For example: all Unit Moebius releases on Bunker and Acid planet, for a couple of bucks. It will take a while, but we’re progressing rapidly now. I think we will call the site Neuroshoper V2.0, when it’s finished.



running, slowing down

| date: 11 February 2013

Salò Mentale – Running, Slowing Down (promo clip for Abschidt album)

immortality volume 1

| date: 7 February 2013

The Unit Moebius track ‘Bombe mit Bombe’ (see also: Sixth Reich/ Pax Amerikkana 12 inch)  originally appeared on the Karlo K tribute CD ‘Immortality vol. 1 ‘, which was compiled by Anthony Blokdijk (SM) and is now available on our bandcamp page.  Eventually, you might want to obtain one of the last (handpainted!)  copies of the KK ’97 12 inch.




| date: 4 February 2013

the latest salò mentale album:

A collection of loose recordings made in Budapest, Paramaribo and The Hague (2010 – 2012, final mix 2013)

shitcluster den haag

| date: 27 January 2013

shitcluster ‘den haag’ vinyl & mp3 added to

more information about this 2004 project:

3×10 on bandcamp

| date: 20 January 2013

the 3 x 10 inch single project has been uploaded to bandcamp.

audio only: by geranium, shitcluster and unit moebius anonymous

background info and video can be found at×10-single-project/


more at

perambulator two

| date: 17 January 2013

get it at clone’s

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