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Unit Moebius is a legendary techno act since 1992. Supported by the Bunker record label and the legendary Acid Planet parties, the group has been compared to Underground Resistance, while Aphex Twin claims to be one of its biggest fans. Many records have been released by various labels and several concerts were transmitted by Dutch radio and television. Frontman Jan Duivenvoorden continues to perform solo and release records nowadays.

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Since the early nineties, Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond, mainly through numerous releases on their own independent labels Bunker and Acid Planet Records (the latter named after their infamous underground parties in The Hague). The music can be best described as no-compromise and rudimentary; reflecting the cheap, rough and direct approach of The Hague’s do-it-yourself squat mentality of the nineties, as well as the autistic isolation and alienation of information-society’s social inepts. Often referred to as ”Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance”, Unit Moebius’ music is very diverse in style, but always rolling on a bad, sweaty groove with that typical, twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, covering all the bases from deep lo-fi acid house and rigid jack trax, to pounding dark industrial techno and mean minimalistic machine music. Originally a three member project, Jan Duivenvoorden composed most works and it is he who has recently started performing live again as Unit Moebius Anonymous.  ‘The Golden Years’ is a fine remastered selection of 12 of the more accessible UM dancefloor tracks from the early and mid-nineties which have strong references to the most early techno and house sounds from the USA. These early releases have long been highly collectable and people such as Aphex Twin, Mike Paradinas, DJ Hell, Mad Mike and many others have been fans of Unit Moebius since the beginning.


After being embarrassingly late on picking up on Unit Moebius, we’re making up for lost time through addiction to their output. The Dutch collective are not only credited as the godfather’s of Hague’s industrial scene but are also described as “Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance” – a heavy likening to carry but definitely an apt one. Having been around as Unit Moebius since 1994, when their original recordings were done through a broken cassette recorder, they’ve twisted and pounded techno in every direction since their inception. Most importantly they always seem to bang hard but keep the line and approach unique. Not a lot of acts can turn tracks in unexpected directions the way they do.

In 2007 Unit Moebius Anonymous (also spelled Unit Moebius Annonymus) was birthed as the solo project of UM member Jan Duivenvoorden. The last two plates under this guise have been mind-bendingly good. Perambulator One came to us on Chan’s, and was five tracks on a single plate that varied between pure hecticness to beatless stretched out techno. Dropping as one of the first records of 2012, it’s since become an essential play out plate, perfect for a busy techno set or leftfield electronics but also sounding like nothing else you’re likely to play. Twisted and dark, with no previous knowledge of what to expect, it’s going to be up there with one of our essentials for the year.

A month or so back we were given a follow-up, somewhat more structured and at a more consistent pace, SD23 (just the catalogue number, everything else about it is untitled) is designed more in the play out vein, but again sounds totally different to the rest of the set. Consisting of four tracks cut on two plates there’s never a rush for an idea to finish, or even a reluctance to stop it before it morphs in to the next idea. What could have been the basis for two or three tracks blend together to make the complex elements of one. There’s some incredible creativity within the constraints of floor-orientated techno, no idea where the foresight for the tracks would’ve come from.

Released on SD Records, the mini-LP is still kicking around some stores, and highly recommended picking up on wax as it is noticeably a quality cut. For those digi-inclined you can pick up the whole release for about 4 quid via the SD Records bandcamp page, streamed from and linked below.

Big ups all involved, hopefully the live show will be traveling soon.

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