date: 29 March 2014





chans04 review

date: 28 January 2014


Chan’s imprint from the Netherlands has been closely affiliated with the Unit Moebius Anonymous over the past few years, opting for newcomer Perfect Defect this time. In all honesty, this could well be another one of Guy Tavares’ aliases or someone else akin to the clan. In any case, this one-sided monster is as gnarly, odd and thrilling as any one of the Bunker Records – minus a kick drum! It’s gurgling, percolated synth squeals glide and wrestle each other into the ether, causing one heck of a stir before being swallowed whole and spat back out in the form of a track. TIP!

get chans4 @ juno records: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/perfect-defect-geradio-tonkium/518452-01/

get chans4 @ clone.nl: https://clone.nl/item29824.html



date: 19 December 2013


Jan Duivenvoorden, predvodnik Unit Moebusa, kumova haške elektronske glazbe, ponos techna u Nizozemskoj, dolazi s namjerom da baci u trans sve one željne izvanrednog live performansa, profinjenih tonova, te izuzetnih kompozicija.

Član nekadašnjih aseva Bunker recordsa, 2007. oživio je Unit Moebius i dodao nastavak Anonymous.

Solo izvodi čuda po klubovima diljem planete i rastura ekipu s nevjerojatnim spojem nekadašnjeg Unit Moebius zvuka u modernijem aranžmanu i svježim stilovima. Aphex Twin kao jedan od deklariranih fanova, upravo kao i mi, ne može odoljeti Janovom zvuku.

Definitivna, obavezna, melodična lektira svakog pravog obožavatelja elektronske glazbe!

see facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/226623450839874/?fref=ts


dancing and painting epsiode 10

date: 6 December 2013

marie-claire van der heijden dances and paints on music by unit moebius anonymous


date: 6 December 2013

(short version)
music: koos anders
act: floris & jan
grime: brechje & marie-claire
film: toni
place: hoop, den haag
date: 29 november 2013

just in case you like the music:


hoop (bbcdd-ovb)

date: 29 November 2013

claire draad

date: 8 October 2013


see and obtain more of marie-claire van der heijden’s contemporary embroidery:

Phuture West Bookings

date: 28 September 2013

phuture west bookings

Book Unit Moebius Anonymous @ Phuture West Bookings:


Genius By Default IV

date: 21 September 2013

Unit Moebius live @ Adapter presents Genius By Default IV [25052013, Effenaar, NL] by Adapter on Mixcloud

in your living room

date: 12 July 2013

bbcdd-ovb in your living room

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